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  • Utah vs Colorado Thansgiving/Early December?

    Trip planning for next season already starting! Looking at Utah and/or Colorado for a two week stretch post-Thanksgiving into early December. Is there a more probable bet on which region gets more terrain open firs? Or is it a true 50/50 shot and a "wait and see" kinda deal? Also I hear about resorts getting push back for being "slow"…

  • MWV realtor

    Can anyone recommend a realtor in the MWV? Looking for someone low key with a lengthy history in the area.

  • NYC –> Gore cannonball run

    Van Cortland Park (north Bronx, technically NYC) to Stewart's in North Creek. 2:45 minutes. What you got? St. Jerry

  • Globalization, COVID-19 and skiing

    I was just having a conversation with my college daughter who returned early from a semester abroad. What are your thoughts on how the current pandemic and travel restrictions will affect ski operations next winter for the mountains that rely on international employees? Will their business models change? Will the international employees still be able to come? I realize we…

  • K will not reopen

    Today, I’m pleased to announce our plan to launch summer operations, starting with the Golf Course on Saturday, May 23 and the Bike Park on Saturday, June 6. Before I get into the opening details, I have some other news to share—we have made the difficult decision that we will not reopen for skiing and riding this spring. Given our…

  • New bike

    Took my first ride of the year on my new bike yesterday. What a difference! I had been riding a 70s era 10 speed but sprung for a new road bike this weekend. A bit sore this morning but it will get better. Did 14 miles yesterday.

  • behavior modifications post-covid

    How will your behavior change in the post-covid world, near term and long term? I'm speaking about skiing stuff, but also everyday life. Everyday stuff: I have discovered free grocery store curbside pick-up. There is a supermarket near me that will do your shopping for you for free. Just select your groceries and pay online, then show up at grocery…

  • Boot Flex

    I'm considering some new boots. I live in the Flatlands so this will be an web purchase. I'm considering flex in the range between 100-120. I guess I'm an advanced-intermediant skier. My glory days may behind me, but I do enjoy sking Black Diamonds. I have attempted Double Blacks, but at that point its more survival mode then actual skiing.…