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  • Winter returns

    cannonspringsnow.jpgI see Cannon reports 5 inches,Jay 3-5.Stowe and the Bush around 3.Just enough to cover up those bare spots created the last few days. Attached Images cannonspringsnow.jpg (17.6 KB)

  • Jay Peak 04/19

    Will be heading up for the day. Anyone planning on going? Mishka and I will be carpooling if anyone else is interested in ridesharing let me know.

  • Ski The East Freeride Tour 2014: Stop 4 – Jay Peak Finals

    Some rainy day stoke! Was watching this and it made me thing of some of the banter that takes place on this forum. Have any of you ever participated in this competition? Have any of you even considered it? Imagine their bases after those two runs?

  • Fox 44 Card Results

    We purchased 2 Fox 44 cards ($125 each) this season and of the ten resorts we hit - Suicide Six, Jay Peak, Burke, Smuggs and Cannon. So our average was $25 per visit! I am happy with that result but there were a couple more we could have hit like Owls Head and Middlebury (just for the sake of it)…

  • Cannon 4-18 ?

    Anyone up for Cannon this Friday ? Getting it before the wet weather comes back on Saturday !

  • iOS app and new replies

    I've noticed in some threads, you can't see the newest reply. I went to read an update on the mobile app to the Mt Snow lift evac thread. It showed a new post, but the most recent post showing up in the app was from March.

  • K on 420 Easter weekend

    If wether is goood i think i be their . Mayve Rambo and Cornhead would. I would love to take turns with others from here and share a sftey meeting on Gondad Gondulaaa lol Who else might go.

  • Sugarloaf’s Reagge Fest – has anyone gone??

    Looks like Loaf's reagge fest was a great party, as always. Has anyone gone? How about a review? As I was sitting in the sun at Cannon's deck this past Saturday, sipping some nice ale and the end of the day and listening to some reagge tune spilling out of the speakers, I kind of forgot that the East's biggest…