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  • What time of year to buy new skis?

    After 20 years of not skiing the SKI BUG bit me bad and I’ve skied a lot this past Ive taken multiple lessons and feel like I’ve advanced way past where I was when I was in my 20’s because of the lessons and better equipment. I ended up buying Rossignol 75 Experience 160cm skis from a friend who only…

  • Best picture/pictures

    Was looking through some of my pics from the last 5 seasons. Anyone got some all time great ones they took..East or West, doesn't matter. This one is mine... My Eastern ones almost never have good light. Attached Images heli 1.jpg (44.4 KB)

  • Help Choosing New Skis

    Looking for a new pair of skis. Over the last few years I have used: Cham 107s - absolutely loved these and seriously considering finding a new pair. Atomic Theory 90s these were a little more responsive and quicker imo Line Prophet 90s - heavy and slow yo respond. Started the season on these and after a few days went…

  • Weekend Speculation Thread: 2/23-2/24

    This next mid week system looks kinda meh...but at least it's mostly frozen. Sunday has me a little worried. Saturday looks like a really good day with decent temps and sun.

  • Catskill crowds during Presidents Week

    Anyone up in the Catskills this week? Wondering what the crowds are like with the holiday week. Considering Hunter tomorrow but I'd rather pass if it's going to be mobbed. Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone

  • Bellayre 2/18/2019

    Got there around 9:45 snowing decently temps around 30*. Crowds were minimal.... shockingly minimal, longest and only wait for the day was 2 min at the gondi around 11:30. Snow was awesome cream cheese, plenty of fresh stashes on the sides of the blacks and in the woods. Mini bumps on most of the runs nice moguls on the those…

  • Stowe 2-18

    Woke up early again for the 7:30 chair and it was snowing pretty good up there. Very light snow so it wasn't binding to the hardpack and boiler plate underneath. Shot down Liftline and Nosedive before they got scraped off, hit them several times in a row, then dove into middle National where its interesting. Lot of snow in there.…

  • Sunday River 2/18/19

    A bit of a slow go in some spots on the way up but arrived shortly after 9 and on skis by 9:30. It was the first time I've ever been to SR with it 100% open so that main objective was to pretty much sample everything and see if I took a liking to any particular area over another.…