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  • le Massif, Q city advice

    Hello, hope everyone's having a great summer. I'm looking for a rental during President's week in that area (that sleeps 14). I'm unfamiliar with the skiing, and the area in general. I'm seeking advice on what area to stay in, to centrally located ourselves. Thanks in advance for any advice. Rich Sent from my XT1254 using AlpineZone mobile app

  • Volkl Mantra 2014 188cm new/never drilled

    I'm not sure whether I actually want to sell these but just thought I'd post to see if there's interest. 2014 Volkl Mantra 184cm new/never drilled. Link. This was the last year (and best graphic IMO) of the previous version of the Mantra, which sold from 2011/12 to 2013/14 IIRC. This ski has subtle tip rocker and was the first…

  • Eveready

    Has anyone tried any of the battery heated clothing?

  • Please help Black Mountain of Maine Community Ski Resort

    I have an open letter to the board of directors on the FB page as a way to pressure the board to consider not holding the race. Problem is the board does not meet until September so the pressure is going to need to be strong to push them into going against the mountain manager Please like it. Comment.…

  • How a detachable works

    I had the opportunity to tour the inside of an upper lift station of a detachable lift. I think we have all seen the "plier" arrangement the and springs that are used to attach the chair to the cable, but once it gets in the wheel house, we can't really see much of how it all works. What I saw…

  • Skiing Mag Back Issue

    I'm looking to purchase a back issue of the February 1997 issue of Skiing Magazine and have looked everywhere to try and find it! I'm actually looking for one article in it. Anyway...any thoughts on how to accomplish it or does anyone have it kicking around? Thanks!

  • Signs that Ski Season is getting closer

    Well it may seem odd that on August 1st this post would have anything worth while, however, there have been several events already. 1. whaler has been trip planning 2. passes have arrived in the mail 3. ski movie trailers are coming out 4. Colorado Ski Country USA announced the availability of the Gems Card $25 (16 two fers or…

  • Has ski building technology essentially peaked?

    BG's thread on Demo Bindings got me thinking on this topic again and it's something I've felt for awhile now. Basically that the technology than can be built into a ski peaked about 5-8 years ago. There really hasn't been anything "revolutionary" introduced in awhile. The models of skis you buy today are really no better than what you could…

  • Staying at Alta or Snowbird?

    My brother and I are going to Utah the 3rd week of March on the Mtn Collective pass. I originally wanted to stay in Salt Lake to have the flexibility of the 3 mtns each day + see some of the city. My brother hated the idea and wants to be slopeside. I'm not going to try to convince him…