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  • iPhone mobile app won’t work with iPhone 8/8+/X or iOS 11

    The Alpine Zone mobile app is not 64 bit (hasn't been updated since Jan 2014) and so it will not work with iPhone 8, 8+, or X, and it will also not work on any older device that has been updated to iOS11 (released today). Are there any plans to update the app?

  • Mt. Bohemia out of Freedom Pass?

    Sure looks like the Mt. Bohemia loophole has been closed. There's no mention of the Freedom Pass on Mt. Bohemia's season pass page: Also, Bolton's list of the Freedom Pass ski areas no longer includes Mt B: So,if true, you won't be able to buy a Mt. Bohemia pass for $115 and get all the benefits of the…

  • From Denver to Vail in 9 minutes

    Denver was selected as one of the 10 Hyperloop route winners from > hundreds of entrants. Part of the system would include a Denver to Vail spoke which would take only 9 minutes.

  • Mohawk Blue Moon Sale

    I stumbled across Mohawk Mountain having a "once in a blue moon" (or annual) sale of equipment from their rental department on Saturday. Does anybody have experience shopping at this? The prices ($59 boots, $69 skis) make me skeptical that the items are in any condition to be used by an expert.

  • ? about Sunday River Glades in February

    I am planning a skimo race for Black Mountain of Maine and have been given the date of February 10. BMOM as most of you who read the board best terrain is its glades and I am planning to run the race down them. If Sunday River Glades are mostly open Blacks will be open. I would prefer mid-February through…

  • 2017 Helmet Thread

    get a helmet, just not this one :smash:

  • Attitash (Peak Resorts LTD.) vs. Grand Summit Owners association

    What a cat fight this is turning into. Peak Resorts LTD has been screwing over the Condo owners for years, 1) Taking the lion share of rental income, now 60/40 “split” 2) Mismanaging the Hotel with a revolving door of GM’s, Three in 3 years 3) Shoddy maintenance.. epitomized by not winterizing of the water tower creating severe flood damage…

  • Greek Peak announces massive snowmaking improvements …

    ... then deletes the Facebook post! So here it is: Skiers & Riders you are about to be more stoked for ski season...we just received our new HKD low energy snowmaking tower guns. This S Valve technology allows for optimal performance in wide variety of temperatures. Fantastic investment in snowmaking to add and replace 33,000 of underground waterline, 21,000 of…

  • Killington World Cup Tickets

    YES, THIS IS A RANT! Had all my tickets and preferred parking and pages kept locking up on two different computers. Lost on on the preferred parking because of their poor planning. (You know a bunch of people will be hitting your servers...scale them the fuck up this morning! It can be done!) Guess I will need to get there…