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  • Seasonal Rental

    I need some help - family is thinking of doing a seasonal rental next year but I'm not sure where to start looking. Looking to ideally ski at Killington or Pico. Should I find an agent and start that way or head to craigslist or AirBnB? What have you done in the past?

  • Sugarloaf 2/20 – 2/22

    Three days - three seasons at Sugarloaf. Like everyone even the Loaf is an ice box at this point. They need snow and no more rain freeze cycles. Tuesday was rainy and foggy. But we had the right gear and skied some great soft snow all over the mountain. Loads of snow over at King Pine. The top was freezing…

  • The right short ski for intermediate skier

    I started skiing last year after a 15 year hiatus but my old skis where just to long to enjoy sking for a full day as my legs got weak rather quickly. At the start of this season I rented some Salomon XDR 147 and my confidence came back strong as did my strength. I am 6' and 170 lbs.…

  • Looking for hard shell goggles case

    Anyone know of a source for a hard-shell goggles case, to keep them from getting crushed / scratched when tossed into the gear bag? For some reason it is hard to find such a thing. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • ikon pass details released

    ok, so this isn't as bad as I thought, and it may even be good. a step up in price, but full season Stratton/tremblant, 7 each at k and sugarbush, 7 days combined at boyne new England. full pass to squaw and co places, access to Jackson etc. IKON PASS, $899 Unlimited access with no blackout dates to 12…

  • NH Conditions this weekend

    We had plans to go up to Bretton Woods this weekend. It's close to a 4 hour drive and we'd be paying for a hotel room for one night. We like BW when there's a lot of snow and and the glades are open. But I'm kind of guessing the only stuff that will be open are fairly firm groomers.…

  • Recovery

    Will anyone recover tomorrow from the heat wave or do we need a dumping? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • Wachusett Carnage 2/21/18

    Skied 3 runs and decided it's not worth getting hurt. Summit is down to just 10th...Conifer and Smith are done. Everything else is still open. Was hoping for mashed potatoes and all but every trail is glaciated ice with running water on top. Impossible to edge and other than an occasional pile of loose snow, impossible to turn. Saw some…

  • Skiing/Boarding all by yer lonesome

    I don't like it. But as the years go by I find myself having to do it when I'm not on a ski trip out west. The wife and I have vastly differing abilities. We can ride the chair together but thats about it, unless I want to take a slow groomer with her, which I do. I bought tunes…

  • Death at Camelback 02/20

    I see a news story about a skier who died yesterday after accident. Says found in woods off trail. Must have skied off trail by accident, there is no snow off the trails to go out of bounds on purpose. I remember this happened last year off Hump trail. Anyone know more about this? So sad.