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  • Re: preseason shell maintenance

    I'm squarely in pregame mode. About time to get the gear ready. I've gotten into the habit of washing the shells with tech wash and then running them through a cycle with the water repellency refresher and then into the dryer. I've seen where some recommend doing the spray on water repellent, but that seems like an unnecessary pia to…

  • Need some bindings.

    Anyone unloading some bindings? Need a traditional alpine binding preferably with a DIN over 12.

  • Cannon Mt on the History Channel

    I watched the dumbest reality show I've ever seen last night on the History Channel.Cannon had much input as far as location and the WOW factor of carrying a car suspended under the tram so the bozo could take a "shortcut" over Cannon on their way along the Appalachian trail.It was easy for me to see that most of the…

  • October Turns

    Based on the current forecast, it looks like these are out of the question.

  • First Snow in Vermont?

    This was from atop Lincoln Peak near Sugarbush Was this the first snow? 2014FirstSnow-Shawn.jpg Attached Images 2014FirstSnow-Shawn.jpg (100.8 KB)

  • Ski length question

    I have been looking a skis for my wife and have decided on a couple - Rossignol Temptation 88 or Volkl Yumi. Problem is they come in lengths of 154 or 162. She currently skis on a 158 length ski. Should I go up in length or go down. I think that on groomers she would be fine with either…

  • When it snows, it dumps

    Almost 10 FEET forecasted.....A storm like that could make every ski resort go from closed to 100% open. Attached Images baker.jpg (89.8 KB)

  • World Cup Racing 2014-15

    It's here! If the WC's are on then it's ski season! There's enough snow (barely), but hey, time for some live stoke! This Saturday kicks it off at Sölden 25th-26th October 2014. I'll get my EuroSport subscription renewed and watch while I wax my quiver! Looking forward to hearing Nick Fellows again! I don't even care what Universal sports is…

  • Heat Molding at Home

    Has anyone baked their liners at home to mold them? If so, what temp and for how long? Any ideas for increasing the volume of the toe box? Any helpful hints would be appreciated.