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  • Outdoor Master Goggles

    In the market for new goggles and these keep coming up as a great option for the $ Anyone heard of them before? I want interchangeable lenses since I day and night ski. Truthfully had hoped to just replace the Smith Stance frame I have since I have 3 lenses already but can't locate them anymore.

  • Why arent they all “demo” bindings?

    So I bought another pair of used skis yesterday as I'm inclined to do, which were from the 2016 demo fleet, and it got me thinking, why aren't all bindings (except specialized or high-end racing) mounted on demo rails? I've been on many pairs of skis over the last decade with demo bindings, and in my quiver I now only…

  • How fast can a Dragonfly fly?

    Summer sucks but some cool things happen from time to time. I pulled up to a red light and stoped ,a really large black and blue dragonfly appeared almost on cue. He zipped back and forth close above my truck windsheild about 5 times as the light as if waiting for a drag race start . I pulled out slowly…

  • Butternut negotiating to purchase Blandford

    Nice to see that this historic ski area may survive, it was looking bleak a few weeks ago

  • CT to have year round skiing?

    Some that lives around there should check this out at Powder Ridge. Sent from my SM-G930P using AlpineZone mobile app

  • Numbness from Sprained Ankle — Should I Be Worried??

    I was snowboarding and I sprained my angle 5 daysd ago. An xray shows a bone was broken. But not the bone responsible for standing me up, thank god. But I it hurts when I stand or walk. I got crutches and a cam boot. Anyway I've been swollen for 5 days now. Its puffy and theres some numbness and…

  • Sustainability of Night Skiing?

    Here's something that I've always wondered- how is it profitable for mountains to offer night skiing. In browsing Mohawk's pass offerings for next year I saw that they are switching from a 9:30am-10pm schedule Monday-Saturday to a 9:30am-8pm schedule Monday-Wednesday with the traditional 9:30am-10pm schedule for Thursday-Saturday. For a small mountain, such as Mohawk, which is more rural than urban,…

  • Old News Black Mountain of Maine, but worth a summer read

    The video at the beginning of 92 years young Chummy Broomhall is worth the click alone. Nice story about Sunday River helping out a neighbor. This past winter was a good one, but the previous one was tough for a lot of areas especially at Black which was getting its feet wet after the inoculation the Libra Foundation had given…