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  • Another Hiker Death Glen Onoko Pa. Beautiful place but dangerous, I've seen a lot of un prepared hikers there and some really dumb behavior . Sitting atop the falls and dangling there feet over the edge. The stream nearby develops Algae and gets very slippery. I think this is like death #11 at this place. Be careful out there

  • Interesting Special Outside Article on National Park Safety

    As many know, it is the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. Though growing up in Vermont we did not have any parks nearby (except Acadia of course) but after moving out here in 2011 we have gone to a lot...including all here in Utah. The most popular one in Utah is Zion. For those that have not been…

  • Huuge Fireball!!!

    Anyone else see this last night? I was watching a movie and saw the lightening like flash through the blind. I didn't see the actual fireball. Then I heard what sounded like thunder a couple minutes later. The crazy thing is, a couple of my friends and I witnessed an almost identical event about 21 years ago this spring…

  • Automotive Stuff Forsale

    If anyone is looking for a few tires...fwiw: _________ 2 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs(31x10.5R15), New....$75/ea (Thought I would be holding onto the old Xterra for a while...but later model appeared, now using 16s....) 4 Firestone WinterForce snow tires(P235/70R15), put on New 12/1...taken off 3/29. No trips only driven locally, $50/ea.

  • The skiing dilemma

    How do you all deal with late season skiing when your family really no longer wants to go or are half hearted about going? I become miserable and some what depressed. I also go into work mode and make sure everyone does the same. Considered going alone but that seems selfish.

  • Oh no! Snow!

    Northern VT is expected to see less than an inch of snowfall Sunday night. The low temp will be just about at the freezing mark. But just like the rest of this foul eastern winter, rain will follow immediately thereafter.:angry:

  • Percentage of Injuries

    Playing slightly off the drop in skier visits this season, the stat I would be interested in seeing (and I don't know if it could be figured out) is the percentage of injuries incurred in a season such as this past one compared to say last season with a lot of snow. Some people (probably some here) took some hard…

  • “Snowmagic” 2.0 Comes to Boreal (Like Tenney)

    Folks here probably remember that in 2004 and 2005 or so when Tenney was owned by Snowmagic. They promised that Tenney would be open year round and had a couple days of skiing and riding on their dinky terrain park before the whole thing stopped. Looks like Woodward/POWDR is going to do it at Boreal.

  • Rewards credit cards

    I received notice that my Citi Forward card is having its benefits slashed. It used to give 5% back on bars, restaurants, Amazon, books, music and movies. Everything else was 1% back. Given the amount of money I spent online, eating out, and drinking this was an obvious choice. Apparently it's time to move onto a new credit card. What…