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  • Gore 12/9/18

    Going to make it a point to get to Gore more often this seas...>

    December 10, 2018, No Comments

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  • Ragged’s New GM

    Ragged's new GM is a familiar face and name in that region.... And I had no idea that Ragged was owned by an SLC group that I have never heard of.

  • el Patinaje

    El patinaje artístico es un deporte similar al patinaje, pero donde los competidores usan patines de ruedas en lugar de patines para hielo. Dentro del patinaje artístico sobre ruedas, hay varias disciplinas: Cifras (similares a las cifras obligatorias o "escolares" sobre hielo) Estilo libre (personas que realizan saltos y giros) Parejas (un subconjunto de estilo libre con dos personas realizando…

  • Living Memorial Park, Brattleboro: History

    This is a great read on the history of the park; not only for skiing but other activities. It's been around for quite some time!,558444

  • Back side of Sugarloaf

    Hi All, Despite having a survival instinct and all that, I am really tempted to venture over to the back side of Sugarloaf, where there are some marked "trails" that are part of the "Snowfields" terrain. It might be obvious to other people, but one of my main questions about this is, how do you get back when you are…

  • MRG pic request

    I may have asked this before but still looking, please indulge me. many many many years ago skiing at MRG with a group of friends. We came to a point where trail when in 2 directions and there was a wooden sign that said "Advanced Skiers Only -->>". the sign was a long, a narrow board on 2 wooden posts,…

  • MRG first timer

    So I think I am ready for my first trip to Mad River Glen. I am excited to visit this historic place but also a little nervous about the difficulty level given how they are always bragging about how hard it is. I am able to ski most runs at Magic but not Red Line, Black Magic or Magician, and…

  • Lodges that don’t allow outside food

    I've heard some rumblings that the new Carinthia lodge at Mt. Snow won't allow outside food to be brought in. I've seen ski areas that don't allow coolers and I get that. They're bulky, can't go in the bag check slots and they don't want people camping out a table for 2 hours during lunch whilst they lay out a…

  • Ruroc rg1-dx

    Hello. I’m looking for someone in Philadelphia who owns this helmet in XL/XXL. I just got mine in M/L and not sure if I like how it fits or no. Looking for someone to meet and try bigger helmet size on :)

  • New Comcast modem/router

    Comcast just sent us one of these unsolicited. I have one of their older routers with my own modem. Plenty of speed and it’s been a shockingly reliable setup. Can anyone think of a good reason to switch? They say no extra charge. I like new gear but I’m not motivated to mess with a perfectly functioning network.

  • The Gun Show

    A place to post great live web cam footage of snowmaking. Check out the Mohawk Mtn. cam tonight........