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  • Mountain Creek, 4/1/19

    I went to Mountain Creek when they opened at noon today. It...>

    April 01, 2019, No Comments
  • Stowe 3-29,30,31

    Thankfully Friday was a real spring day and I got to hit the...>

    April 01, 2019, No Comments

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  • Help me geek out on a new set of skis…

    So, after breaking my bushwhackers, I replaced them with Blizzard Ruster 9s. And I like them fine. Seem a little still in the bumps, and I for groomers, I probably should have got them 188 instead of 180. Don't quite rail long turns the way I though they would, but whatever....they are super quick, and fun, and had a bit…

  • Cannon Mountain, last to open and first to close.

    My yearly complaint about Cannon Mountain. Last to open and first to close. They could be the KING of early and late season skiing on Profile if they wanted to. They could stay open until July if they made 1/2 as much snow on Profile as Killington does on Superstar. For access, they run the tram almost all year long…

  • Another BC springtime death

    Professional freeskier Dave Treadway fell into 100' deep crevasse. 38 years old, he leaves behind wife & little children. “ 'There are crevasses all over the backcountry and in the glacial area. Various ones may have an ice bridge over them or something, and some of them can be sight unseen.' ” Full story:

  • Lake Louise

    Considering a trip to ski Lake Louise for the 19-20 season. Has anyone ever been? Will be traveling with non-skiers, so I am interested to know what there is to do other than ski. Also, interested in knowing what snow conditions might be like in January? Thanks!

  • Have You Bought Skis/Snowboards on eBay From a Seller in Aspen?

    You might want to read this if you bought anything from a seller named, "sportandski": He stole $2.4 million in gear from Aspen SkiCo and resold it on eBay. He even was nice enough to charge Aspen for the boxes to send his goods to buyers. :lol:

  • “Free” Tax Filing Scam

    The procrastinator that I am, I waited til the last minute to file my tax returns. I used Intuit Turbo Tax, and checked the "free" option. After several minutes of entering, and re-entering information, I arrived at a page that informed me that I couldn't continue with the "free" edition, and in order to continue, I'd have to upgrade to…

  • WST: 4/20-21…This is the End???

    What's happening this weekend? Rain seems to be pushing for this season to end....will it? MRG opening Wednesday, and maybe this weekend. Stowe closing this weekend I think, though there is piles of snow up there. Who else is open? Who else is skiing? Sounds like the west is still going strong - anyone getting on a plane? Me? I'm…

  • Top of Jay Peak

    Might be too late for this season, but I am looking to try some of the terrain off the tram. Looks pretty treacherous so I like to plan my route in advance. But the official trail map is not very helpful and google maps is full of errors FAAA039D-0FCD-4245-ADBA-D49DCB175C55.jpg 380274E1-8DE9-4688-AF53-D978C78E8D47.jpg Any issues with the corrections I drew in? Not sure…

  • Tiger Woods on the 18th at Masters

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. Tiger is a disloyal a-hole who cheated on his wife and family. But if he pulls this off I cannot help but be very impressed. I wish Jim Nance would shut up.