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  • Mountain Creek, 4/1/19

    I went to Mountain Creek when they opened at noon today. It...>

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  • Stowe 3-29,30,31

    Thankfully Friday was a real spring day and I got to hit the...>

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  • Keeping snow out of your boots when skiing in shorts

    Hoping to hit Killington one more time this season. On a nice spring day it is fun to wear shorts, but I find the snow I kick up seeps in through the top “cuff” of my boots. Any tips on this, short of duct taping a garbage bag around the top of each boot ?

  • Anybody skiing this weekend?

    Looking like a decent weekend at K, I plan to be hitting the bumps on superstar and tailgating on the access road until the sun goes down.

  • Logging in issues

    Admins, please, can you help me? I am able to log in on my travel netbook, which I am using now. But I can not seem to log in on my home dektop for some reason. Is there anyway to correct this issue?

  • A “SMART” Ski Lift: The Future of Ski Lifts?

    Unofficial just posted this article summarzing Doppelmayr's announcement of a SMART Ropeway with interactive screens on the gondola cabins: Doppelmayr's site: I doubt we will see this in the U.S. anytime soon...looks like big bucks.

  • New ski boot liners

    My left foot has a higher instep.I found wearing the liner only, the elastic strap over the instep causes too much pressure. I don't see how It can be stretched since it's elastic. Does anyone see a problem cutting the strap about hAlf way to relieve the pressure?

  • Stowe–Wknd Crowds

    Headed up to Stowe 2nd wknd in March. We will be skiing Friday-Monday at 4 different mtns. Is Friday the best day to hit Stowe given the crowds? Driving up Friday and can't be on the mtn until 10 or so so wondering if dealing with the crowds on a wknd but starting for 1st chair may be better. We…

  • Test our beta product for free

    Hello, As you might have heard (or not), we want to replace toxic Fluor carbon in ski waxes by Green Super hydrophobic Nanotech. First lab and field tests also showed a friction reduction of 40% and the wax lasted much longer. Therefore we are looking for professional skiers, snowboarders, who want to do comparative testing. As we know the season…

  • Mammut Airbag 3.0 Safety Check

    I just got this Email. I don’t own one, but someone here might.... IMG_5887.jpg Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone More info: Maybe it is nothing serious, but seems to be concerning.... Attached Images IMG_5887.jpg (35.6 KB)

  • 2018/19 Skier visits

    Flash report from NSAA is over 59 million, up 11% YOY. Given all the noise about EPIC and Ikon-ic crowding this year I would have expected higher. Massive snow year out West, good to very good year in the East, strong economy, etc.