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  • Wachusett 3/22/18

    Haven't really gotten up there too much this year. After Col...>

    March 22, 2018, No Comments
  • Berkshire East 3/20/18

    Nice day to get out for a few hours...30s and sunny most of ...>

    March 20, 2018, No Comments
  • Berkshire East 3/20/18

    Nice day to get out for a few hours...30s and sunny most of ...>

    March 20, 2018, No Comments

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  • Blue Mtn 3-22-18

    Yesterday's storm cut a swath across eastern Pa.- last night Blue's cams showed that they were getting pounded. Their site this morning said they picked up 10" so I couldn't pass up the chance to follow the snow. Arrived at Summit Lodge about 11 am with temp at 36F. To my surprise they left most trails ungroomed so the crud…

  • Suggestions for next week?

    Hi all, Next week is my daughter’s (8) spring break, so we are going skiing. We have max passes. We are good (but not expert) skiers, but can ski a lot of the trails in most mountains. Does not seem to be any snow on the horizon. Any surprise snow possibility in any of these places? Are conditions good everywhere?…

  • The John Egan Experience

    Been thinking about this when i read about it on SBs site. Hire John Egan for a day..big money..around 700 bucks about the best instructor in the east..or anywhere for that matter..and its not much more than any private lesson..maybe next season so i have a full season to work on whatever i get out of it. Really want…

  • First Hiking Video

    Check out my first hiking vlog. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching :)

  • Any crazy lines dropped this season so far

    So..any one drop any heart stopping lines this season. We know Krusty wins this one..I try to scare myself a bit at least a few times. Fuez bowl at KH did it for me this time. Like dropping into a giant white soup bowl..vertigo inducing..too damn early, 2nd run of the day. You 20180228_104503.jpg Attached Images 20180228_104503.jpg (19.9 KB)

  • Snow Valley Beta – Anyone skinning there?

    Snow Valley - Anyone skinning there? Its a nelsap area between bromley and Stratton. I was over there last weekend looking for tracks but didn't bring my gear ( I was wiped from a day at magic) Anyway, does anyone know if it's privately owned? Is it GMNF? Are there any rules /restrictions for access? From the base area it…

  • maxpass replacement for NYC metro skiers: ikon or epic pass?

    if you live in the NYC metro and had a maxpass this year, what are you buying next year? i know there are a couple threads that touch on this topic, but not specifically for those from nyc metro and i am curious. i bought maxpass this year when the NY mountains got added and i love it. went to…

  • Pico-3/19

    Another spectacular bluebird and cold day to finish up my 3 day weekend. I have really taken a liking to Pico! This past weekend convinced me to get a Killington/Pico season pass next season. I'll let the pics tell the skiing story: Upper Pike glades Pi5.jpg Sunrise woods Pi4.jpg Outlaw Pi3.jpg Pi2.jpg Spent most of the afternoon skating over to…

  • Mt Snow 3/19 & 20

    Two great days. Excellent coverage. Tad windy Monday. With most lifts closed, it was 5 mins to load the bubble. At a minimum. As I was staying on the property, I thought $86 for a half day was pricey. Given the few lifts open. But, great conditions.