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  • Travel and rest

    Just got back from the annual spring trip to the Rockies. Great snow, great weather and most of all great times with the family, but a lesson learned. That lesson was, that at plus double nickles, 7 straight days on snow took away some of the enjoyment that I had last season when other obligations had me take a couple…

  • Belleayre Gondola?

    I had heard rumors of this before. I asked a couple of employees when I went after the blizzard a few weeks ago- they said that surveying was being done and it was pretty much a done deal. In for next season? This article doesn't say but seems hopeful. http://www.adirondackdailyenterprise...for-belleayre/ Quote: LAKE PLACID — Including a new gondola at Belleayre…

  • Cool Snow Reporting Globe

    This gives a really quick way to see where the snow has been falling - note the blow torch in the west! That aside it is pretty cool! globe.jpg Attached Images globe.jpg (53.3 KB)

  • Sunday River or Sugarloaf April 2? Anyone been there recently?

    Has anyone been to Sunday River or Sugar Loaf recently? Long shot possibility I will be in ME and have a free day Sunday to ski. But this will take some effort re: changing some travel arrangements and bringing skis etc.... Trying to decide if it's worth the effort...SR would be most convenient to my commitments monday, but I'd love…

  • Some Killington pics

    k march 2.jpgk march 3.jpgk march 4.jpgk march 5.jpgk march 6.jpg Attached Images k march 6.jpg (80.8 KB) k march 5.jpg (40.3 KB) k march 4.jpg (76.1 KB) k march 3.jpg (59.9 KB) k march 2.jpg (61.5 KB)

  • Gunstock 3/26/2017

    Date: 3/26/2017 Resort: Gunstock, Gilford NH Conditions: Groomed, Packed Powder, blue bird day! Report: Today was a great on the hill! Skied a good part of the day, and was able to lap the hill over and over. Hit all the open trails and was able to get a beer to boot too. All in all, a good day.. Here…

  • Rack em!

    Seriously, rack your damn skis. Race at the mountain today and all the racers just dumped their skis wherever. Mountain Ops should have done some surprise afternoon grooming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • Max pass 2017-2018 i am seriously considering buying it for my family next season i think i saw some of you buying a cheap season pass out in the mid west for like $100 and adding the max pass on top of it. what is the best strategy this year?

  • Stratton March 25, 2017

    Purposely made a late start from the north of Brattleboro compound. It was rainy (37F) the entire way up Rt 30. In the parking lot, it was hinting towards a slight mix. By the time we booted up and geared up it had changed over. Sweet. First lift ride up was ice pellets, then it changed to snow. Trails were…

  • All snow is good snow!

    For those who need the right conditions or certain type of terrain - all snow is good snow. Sent from my SM-G930P using AlpineZone mobile app