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  • CT to have year round skiing?

    Some that lives around there should check this out at Powder Ridge. Sent from my SM-G930P using AlpineZone mobile app

  • Numbness from Sprained Ankle — Should I Be Worried??

    I was snowboarding and I sprained my angle 5 daysd ago. An xray shows a bone was broken. But not the bone responsible for standing me up, thank god. But I it hurts when I stand or walk. I got crutches and a cam boot. Anyway I've been swollen for 5 days now. Its puffy and theres some numbness and…

  • Sustainability of Night Skiing?

    Here's something that I've always wondered- how is it profitable for mountains to offer night skiing. In browsing Mohawk's pass offerings for next year I saw that they are switching from a 9:30am-10pm schedule Monday-Saturday to a 9:30am-8pm schedule Monday-Wednesday with the traditional 9:30am-10pm schedule for Thursday-Saturday. For a small mountain, such as Mohawk, which is more rural than urban,…

  • Old News Black Mountain of Maine, but worth a summer read

    The video at the beginning of 92 years young Chummy Broomhall is worth the click alone. Nice story about Sunday River helping out a neighbor. This past winter was a good one, but the previous one was tough for a lot of areas especially at Black which was getting its feet wet after the inoculation the Libra Foundation had given…

  • Why do you like your ski boots?

    In another thread/forum there has been lots of discussion regarding ski boots. As many of you might have read, we have been Dalbello fans (KR Chakra, Boss) and buy their boots even following a specific line (freeride). While, I recently switched to Lange (SX 120), the Dalbello product has been very consistent allowing us to shop online with relative ease…

  • Hunter Mtn Expansion Details

    The Slutzky family had a plan - and Peak/SKI is using it in part including thr new lift and parking area near the current west side lift on Rusk Hollow Rd a seldom traveled dead end road with mostly seasonal homes. Intermediate trails will be cut to the base of the new lift most from the Belt Parkway and wayout.…

  • WM Article on Mount Tom

    It's too bad that it went NELSAP. Pretty big area.

  • Breckenridge almost torched Sent from my Moto G (4) using AlpineZone mobile app