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  • Study on ski helmets

    Summary: “But, despite the increase in helmet use, the rate of head injury did not change significantly, decreasing only slightly from 49% to 43%, the researchers found.” Article here:

  • Mt. Snow 12/3/19

    Left home at 6:30 with the intention of arriving in time for first tracks, but with the roads still greasy near home as well as on Rt 9 where it had stopped snowing for hours (VTrans is wonderful) I arrived just after 9. Booted up quickly, quick ticket line, and on the Bluebird at 9:15. I decided to "warm up"…

  • Snowshoeing at Catskill ski areas?

    Anyone know the uphill/snowshoe policy for Bell or Platty or Hunter? Can you cruise up the slopes? Designated trails? might have a snow shoe-er with me this weekend.

  • 1st trip to Hunter mountain 11/29 & 11/30

    So many trip reports have been written regarding Hunter mountain so I'm not going to add much other than we were all pleastly surprised. We gave it a try since Hunter was added to the Epic pass and I'm glad we went, it has the feel of a VT mountain in upstate NY. If it weren't for the Epic pass…

  • Killington World Cup Saturday 11/30

    Arrived at Ramshead at 7:10. Lot half full. Lodge was already open. Lift started spinning at 8. First few runs were fantastic on corduroy. Trail becomes increasingly icy and crowded as more people arrived. Snowdon bubble chair had many stops early in the day and had ~5-10 minute wait. Ramshead, Northridge and K1 had minimal line throughout the day. Caught…

  • Fire at Whiteface Midstation lodge is gone :(

  • Fire at Whiteface Midstation lodge is gone :(

  • Windham – Open Letter to Mgmt

    Woke up today to an Open Letter email from the Windham Mountain community with a rather on point open letter about customer sentiment and frustrations with their Mgmt. Anyone else receive this? Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone

  • Okemo’s Lift System

    I wanted to start this thread to discuss about Okemo’s lift system, including what Vail might do to it (such as replacing lifts and running them/schedules). I am a regular at Okemo and ski there most weekends. After my first time there this year last Saturday, (this Dosent have to do with the lifts themselves, but it’s worth mentioning) I…