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  • High Pond Ski Area in Hubbardton, VT being Renovated – Possible Re-opening ?

    i heard a rumor that high pond was going to re-open for the public. it's a private area that has been running their surface lift for families recently. took a run over and a lot is happening: lift line is cleared, buildings renovated. no-one around, so no more info at the moment. i'll swing by mid-week. neat little place that's…

  • Which month to expect pass prices to go up again?

    Does anyone remember how much and which month did last year's MAX pass price went up during the summer & fall? I didn't catch the spring special of season passes because I wasn't in a position to decide on next season's schedule. Now, the situation is somewhat clearer, I'm pretty much set on the MAX pass for next season. But…

  • Another list but this time the East wins!

    FWIW Liftopia came out with their best in snow awards and New England topped the charts. some of you might like this list - Best in Snow Northeast - Most Challenging (showing some Magic Love) There are other lists as well, interestingly, Vails Resorts are practically non existent.

  • Meathead vides

    This is not to say I don't enjoy the videos posted on your website but don't you have enough bonus film left over to make another DVD or something downloadable

  • Mammth Ski Trip this summer?

    Thinking about heading out to Mammoth for some early July skiing.Still tons of snow and they are planing to ski into August.I was looking at ticket prices and right now they are $89 which isn't bad because they still have a lot open.I did notice that they also give a 50% discount to a passholder from any mt.$45 sounds real…

  • Skier visits up in NH

    Of course seeing there was actual snow. Doesn't say anything about the visits compared to any year but last...

  • Summer ski gear deals 2017

    The sales are starting to pop up. June through August are some of the best pricing. This is a pretty good price for Fischer Ranger TI 106 $299 - temped to pull the trigger. If you see any great deals post them here unless you are interested it them your self.

  • Ashland, OR

    IMG_7462.jpgIMG_7462.jpgPlanning on moving the family to Oregon. Most likely will be living in Ashland. I was out there earlier this week and checked out the ski area. Looks promising. Does anyone have any information about the southern Oregon area and the Ashland ski area in particular? Looks like it's only six hours to Tahoe and the local airports have direct…

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