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  • Mountain Creek, 4/1/19

    I went to Mountain Creek when they opened at noon today. It...>

    April 01, 2019, No Comments
  • Stowe 3-29,30,31

    Thankfully Friday was a real spring day and I got to hit the...>

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  • Loon Getting RFID Gates

    Boyne is launching the next gen of RFID gates and Loon and Big Sky are the first to get them for this season. No more taking you Ikon pass to the ticket window first at Loon. Sent from my Pixel 3 using AlpineZone mobile app

  • Mountain Creek observations and questions

    I just got back from spending three days at Mountain Creek for a business meeting. I had never been to the area prior. We stayed at the Minerals Hotel which sits at the base of the middle of the three peaks. Obviously being summertime, you don't get a full appreciation for what the area is like during ski season, but…

  • Saddleback Meeting

    Anyone going to the Arctaris meeting on Saddleback tonight? Please report back if you go! [emoji120] thanks

  • K-mart Special

  • Salt Lake City Lodging Info

    I am staying in SLC for two weeks with a trip up to Big Ski over the weekend in the middle. I was planning on hitting up all the ikon mountains at least once and then going to the ones I like more so want maximum flexibility with where I stay. Is it better to stay close to the canyons…

  • Recommendations Wanted: First-Time Ski Trip (PA)

    Hi All, I am planning a first-time weekend ski trip with a couple folks that are beginners at skiing/snowboarding. I am looking in the Pocono region just to keep the travel time short for the new folks. Based on reading these boards, it looks like if I do go to Blue or Camelback that I should try to make this…

  • Unused.old ski gear up for grabs

    Folks, I have a bunch of stuff up for grabs. About a dozen pair of ski poles, mostly straight, some "slightly" bent, different lengths. Kids helmets. Ski boots, about a dozen pair different sizes, adult. Ski Bag. Snowboard bag. Snow shoe Bag. I know this isn't the right time of year, but it was raining and I was cleaning out…

  • Best Ikon resort to spend week after christmas?

    So, last year I took the family out west for their first time Feb Break week to soli/brighton for 5 days. Little to no crowds. Looking to move the annual 'out west trip' up to Christmas break this year since it is easier for my work schedule (week after xmas 12/29-1/4). Looking at a few options and are receptive to…

  • McDonald (or Chinese buffet) of skiing?

    I'm on the nordic ski patrol of Mohonk Preserve. For those who don't know, it's a quite sizable nordic ski area of some 30-40 km of cross country skiing trails, GROOMED and track set! It sometimes gets good amount of snow but other times bare ground. Still, it being only an hour from my house, whenever it has snow, I'd…