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  • Mount Moosilauke – Our First Hike of the Season


    Saturday, July 22, 2000 We have been planning to climb Mount Moosilauke for some time now and this weekend seemed to offer us the best time with which to accomplish this goal. The Weather Channel had been threatening showers most of the day, yet we awoke to a sun filled morning with a slight breeze from the southwest. We hurried about the kitchen preparing breakfast and making sandwiches for our lunch on the summit before heading north on route 93 to Nort...

  • Mount Washington or Bust


    Saturday, July 29, 2000 We arrived at the cog railway parking area around 7:00 am. There were a few people milling about either waiting for the train to start running or to enjoy a nice morning hike. We were not sure where the Jewell Trail started so Susan asked one of the Cog railway workers to direct us to the trailhead. He motioned to a bridge just across the tracks, which lead up to Mount Clay. Our friend Ron was not a seasoned hiker, so we started o...

  • Franconia Ridge Loop, Franconia, NH


    Date: March 4, 2000 Trails: Franconia Ridge Loop: Old Bridal, Greenleaf, F-Ridge & Falling Waters View images from this hike! I thought 5:30 would come later in the morning from Louden than 3:50 does in Colchester, CT. It did not feel that way though. I had spent the night at my friend Mark's house after spending two days on a business trip to the company Mark works for, Mt. Washington Assurance....

  • Presidential Dayhike Traverse


    Back in July of this year my hiking partner and I set out on a trip we had planned for eight weeks. It seemed simple enough at first. To hike the presidential range in New Hampshire in one day, the hard way, heading north from Crawford Notch, and to arrive at the terminus at the Appalachia lot near Randolph some twenty two miles or so away. We used two cars and parked one at each trailhead. Mount Washington, our "rockpile", lies almost perfectly in the mid...

  • Race Brook Falls/Mount Race Appalachian Trail


    Date: October 24, 1999 Weather: Cloudy/Cool Trails: Race Brook Trail; Appalachian Trail - Topo Map Length: 6 miles Difficulty: Moderate After a late start, my brother David and I left Thomaston, Connecticut at 8:30 AM on Sunday morning. Once through Litchfield, it was apparent that winter had arrived in the Northwest hills of Connecticut. We arrived at the trailhead (~700 feet) on Route 41 in Massachusetts a little before 10:00 AM. The Race Brook Trail ...

  • Kilkenny Ridge Traverse


    Date: Sept. 26-28, 1999 Weather: Sunny/mild Trails: Kilkenny Ridge/Starr King Length: Approx. 25 miles Sunday 11:00 AM: Departed from South Pond off Rte. 110 in Stark, NH. After 30 minutes took a side trail to visit wild and eerie Devil's Hopyard over moss covered boulders. Continued on Kilkenny Ridge to summit of Rogers Ledge. Nice view of Kilkenny Range and area to be hiked. Departed Rogers Ledge @ 4:00 PM to find campsite. There is a USFS backcountry ...

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