Cannon, N. Kinsman, and S. Kinsman

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 21 2000 - 12:08 PM

Saturday, 10/21/2000

I started the hike at 5:50 AM. The Lonesome Lake Trail to the Hi-Cannon Trail was easy. The Hi-Cannon Trail was difficult due to the trail being eroded and not well blazed. I watched the sun rise over Mount Lafayette and Mount Lincoln. I reached a ladder that looked like it was falling apart but it was safe. I got to the summit of Cannon before the tram and restaurant was open so I had the summit to myself. I took the Kinsman Ridge Trail to the Cannonballs and North and South Kinsman. Sections of the trail were wet, muddy, and very slippery. Some of the bogs are deteriorating to the point that they are unsafe to walk on. I stepped on the end of one and I sunk about 6 inches in the mud and the back kicked up splashing mud on me.

The climb up to North and Soth Kinsman was fun, with good views south of North Kinsman and great views from South Kinsman. On the descent, it got overcast and threatened to rain. I descended the Kinsman Ridge Trail to the Fishin’ Jimmy Trail The Fisin’ Jimmy Trail is part of the A.T. and has wooden steps on the steep sections. I picked up the Cascade Brook Trail to the Lonesome Lake Trail back to the parking lot. I hiked 12.6 mile and it was a great hike.

Submitted by Farmer Bob
Dover, NH
Sun, 22 Oct 2000