Killington Resort’s New Vision – Longer Ski Season, Return of the BMMC

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 04 2012 - 11:25 AM

On the official Killington Blog today; Mike Solimano, the newly installed President and General Manager of Killington and Pico, announced a new vision for Killington. Mr. Solimano, who replaced previous Killington GM Chris Nyberg, (who himself has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of the resort division of Powdr Corp), stressed the importance of communicating through the Killington blog regularly to both Killington and Pico stakeholders and guests.

Solimano stressed the difficulty of the previous winter season, and announced that despite the impacts of the poor weather and Hurricane Irene, Killington has continued to invest over $8 million last year alone on capital invesments – including the Roaring Brook Umbrella Bars, the removal of the Peak Lodge, and the expansion of snowmaking.

Beyond that, Solimano mentioned that Killington has gone through a period of trial and error; working in a tougher economy to figure out the best way to balance the growth of the business with visitor satisfaction. For this year, Solimano states they are dedicated to bringing back the best of Killington and living up the moniker of “The Beast”.

He then goes on to outline a few specific areas of improvement –

  • Season Length – stated simply, Solamino claims that Killington will open early and stay open late. There are no promises given on first to open, but they did state they will be more aggressive than in previous years, and that the snowmaking team will begin producing as soon as the weather makes it possible, and they will keep the season going until there is no longer a “quality product”.
  • Returning events that have gone away, including the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge (BMMC), in a way that complies with Vermont law.
  • Weekend opening at 8:30AM – this will occur on weekends and peak days, but Killington will open the K-1 Gondola at 8AM, while still leaving enough time to complete grooming operations.
  • Increased commitment on other Killington activities, including guest activities, seeding moguls, and terrain parks.


The post wraps up with a promise of a to-be-announced community presentations for locals who are impacted by the changes, including HOA’s and the local business community.