1750 Acres of Land Next to Saddleback Sold

By AlpineZone News |
May 22 2014 - 01:37 PM

New Owner Promises “Philosophical Alignment with the Berry Family”.  We aren’t sure yet what this means for the future of the area, but investment in the area appears to be a positive sign.

Full release below:

Saddleback Land and Timber Company has announced the recent sale of 1750 acres of undeveloped land abutting the ski area. The buyer, Root Estates, Inc., will manage the property as a working forest and preserve its scenic landscape which encompasses both Rock Pond and Midway Pond.

“Root Estates’ vision for use of the land is philosophically aligned with the Berry Family’s. We look forward to working with our new neighbor,” said Bill Berry, on behalf of Saddleback Land and Timber and Saddleback Inc.

Root Estates’ president, an avid outdoorsman, is interested in implementing programs that will contribute to the traditional recreation and employment opportunities in the region. They also plan to participate in the development of a local “huts and trails” system as a component of the Fly Rod Crosby Trail Corridor. The long-term plans for the property include dedicated trails for hiking and mountain biking as well as the establishment of a wilderness skills education center, wildlife observation stations and primitive campsites constructed using native materials.