A Walk through Hunter Mountain’s Learning Center

By AlpineZone News |
Sep 10 2007 - 10:59 AM

HUNTER, New York — A walk through Hunter’s award-winning, nationally recognized 33,000 square foot Learning Center presents a newcomer, first-timer, parent, or child with a slew of options to make a day of skiing or riding the best it can be. Hunter Mountain, via its Learning Center, remains heavily involved in the future of snowsports growth. The resort is closely affiliated with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) Snowsports Growth Program.

The Learning Center opened in 2002 and houses the Snowsports School, Rentals, a Ticket Sales counter, Children’s Programs, Competition Teams, private and group lessons and much more. Upon walking through the first set of sliding glass doors, you will be presented with a choice: to walk down the concrete stairs to the lower area of the Learning Center, or to continue to the front. If you take a left, and walk down the stairs??В¦ After walking through the sliding glass doors at the bottom of the stairs, you will find yourself looking at a smaller ticket counter, akin to the one you saw through the doors upstairs. This is the ticket counter for Children’s Programs, which include seasonal programs, lessons, racing, freestyle, and ski school. This area runs the Mini Mights, Mighty Mights, Explorers, Mountaineers and Playcare programs.

If you continue forward through the second pair of sliding glass doors??В¦ You will come into the main lobby of the Learning Center. On busy days, a member of management or friendly staff member will be standing at the Information Booth to point you in the right direction. On the right and up a short set of stairs is Goldye’s, a food court/deli area complete with tables and chairs. Goldye’s offers breakfast and lunch.

Under most circumstances, you will need to walk up to the ticket counter, to either purchase a lift ticket or redeem your Single-Pak or Try-Pak card. If you need a rental and/or a lesson, you will be given a form at the ticket counter for the Rental Shop, and a ticket for your lesson. Let’s assume you need both:

After you’re finished at the ticket counter, you swing left and walk towards the huge walkway that says RENTALS. On your immediate right are the restrooms, and on your left is the Learning Center retail shop, where you can purchase anything you might want or need.

Continuing to the Rentals area, there will be a booth with a number of helpful staff members to help you complete your paperwork and take a deposit (usually a license or other form of ID) for your equipment. On busy days, there will be separate lines for ski and snowboard rentals.

Once you submit your deposit and are on file, your paperwork continues through the line until you have acquired all equipment, which is matched to your height, weight and level as indicated on the paperwork. Keep that yellow receipt in your pocket so you can get your ID back at the end of the day. There are also lockers available on either side of the rentals area to hold shoes and other belongings for the day. This year, Hunter offers charging ability to season passes, so you can leave your wallet behind ??“ all you need is your season pass.

If you have a lesson, you continue through the sliding glass doors to the back deck of the Learning Center to meet with your instructor. If you do not have a lesson, Hunter One and C-Lift are mere steps away, off the Learning Center deck.

At the end of the day, when you return your equipment, you can walk back through and you will receive a stamp for each piece of equipment returned. When you return to the deposit counter, the staff member will see your stamps, and you will receive your deposit back. It’s as simple as that. 360?В° views of the building are available on our website. For more information on the Learning Center and its programs, please visit our website at www.HunterMtn.com or call 800-HunterMtn.