Adirondack Park Agency Approves Gore Mountain Interconnect

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 10 2008 - 10:13 PM

RAY BROOK, New York — During its deliberations on Friday, October 10, 2008 the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) approved a significant economic and recreational expansion for the Olympic Regional Development (ORDA) run Gore Mountain Ski Center. The Agency approved a shoreline variance to allow the Town of Wells in Hamilton County to construct a scenic overview and fishing access platform along the shores of Lake Algonquin. The Agency also found the Department of Environmental Conservation??в„ўs (DEC) proposed amendment to the Bog River Complex Lows Lake Unit Management Plan (UMP) inconsistent with the State Land Master Plan (SLMP).

Gore Mountain Ski Center Interconnect

The Agency determined that the portion of the 2005 UMP/ Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement related to the interconnection between the Gore Mountain Ski Center and the Historic North Creek Ski Bowl, which was rescinded in August of 2006, is consistent with the guidelines and criteria of the SLMP.

The trail and lift design identified in the 2005 unit plan is unchanged from what was previously approved by the Agency and Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation on June 6, 2006. The interconnection to North Creek Ski Bowl was rescinded based on recognition that additional assessment of potential cumulative impacts from the Front Street residential resort project was necessary.

The DEC Commissioner directed departmental staff in July 2006 to conduct a supplemental State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) review of impacts that may result from connecting ski trails and lifts with the Ski Bowl Village/Front Street project which was pending before the APA. (The Agency approved the Front Street project in April 2008.)

The primary objectives of the approved amendment are to improve public access to Gore Mountain and Forest Preserve lands, to improve the skiing experience and to provide for a stronger interconnect between Gore Mountain Ski Center, the Historic North Creek Ski Bowl and the hamlet of North Creek. The 2005 amendment included construction of new ski trails and lifts in the Intensive Use Area that connects with the Town of Johnsburg??в„ўs Ski Bowl Park.

For a more detailed description of the proposed management actions, see section 4 of the unit management plan amendment available for download from the Gore Mountain Ski Center website at: