Arva Releases $350 “Neo” Avalanche Beacon

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 27 2013 - 12:03 PM

Arva Neo Avalanche BeaconSalt Lake City — In the last decade there have been an average of 25 deaths a year caused by avalanches nationwide. Arva, a snow safety equipment company based in France, manufactures avalanche beacons , shovels, probes and technical backpacks that have been available for 29 years in over 32 countries worldwide. The company’s new U.S. market manager, Jeremy Jolley, will introduce several new products at upcoming outdoor retailer and snow sports expos including the Outdoor Retailer Show and the Snowsports Industries Association SIA. He said he hopes that the products he reps will help prevent avalanchce incidents by raising awareness about Arva’s life-saving products.

Jolley describes himself as a avid outdoor enthusiast, snowmobiler and split-boarder who spends a lot of time in the back country. He was a technical represetative for Rossignol for 12 years and has been with Arva for three years, since it formed its U.S. distribution. Recently he was promoted to U.S. market manager.

The top product to be featured at the upcoming expos is Arva’s new beacon, The Neo. “This beacon is a perfect balance of power and design, simple and intuitive, built for a wide variety of users,” said Jolley. He added, “The new Isotech technology enables stronger performance on searching antennas, resulting in a more effective search bandwidth, soon to prove to be the largest on the market at 60 meters. The ISPO award-winning beacon also has an easy-to-use marking function for multiple victims, and a innovative auto-revert in case a secondary avalanche were to strike while searching. I believe the biggest growth for end user will be in the ski, snowboarding and snowmobile segment targeting under 40 years old.”

Jolley suggests there are specific trends in the beacon industry and he says that Arva has found a special balance in the Neo. “In the past, trends have shown that the average high-end beacon was too far above the average user. Manufacturers have pushed complicated beacons and questionable technology. This is noticeable with multiple delayed releases dates for final products. The future seems to be on finding the right balance between performance and user-friendly beacons. The Neo offers this,” he said.

“Arva takes pride in the education of what beacons need to be used in certain situations. We provide many test units to Ski Patrol trainers and educators, as well as work with avalanche awareness groups, such as the Utah Avalanche Center and,” said Jolley. Arva will be offering dealer incentives at trade shows this year and will even provide general beacon education as part of dealer clinics if needed.

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The Neo is expected to cost approximately $350 USD.