Catamount Website Speeds Ski Rental Process, Saves Money for Customers

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 04 2006 - 12:36 PM

SOUTH EGREMONT, Massachusetts ??” Catamount Ski Area, which sits astride the Massachusetts/New York state line in the Berkshires, has launched a new web-based system to make it easier for guests to rent ski and snowboard equipment.

“The new system shortcuts the most time-consuming part of the equipment rental process,” said Catamount Vice President Tom Gilbert. “By using the web, customers can bypass that step and save time.”

They’ll save money, too. Catamount offers a savings of $5 on rental equipment packages for guests who register for equipment rentals online.

Ski rental shops require customers to provide important data, so that their equipment can be correctly sized and adjusted by shop technicians. Historically, customers provided that information by means of a form filled out at the time of rental ??“ a time-consuming process. Many rental shops require customers to fill out an identical form each time they rent equipment.

Instead, Catamount’s new web-based system allows customers to provide their data once, using the resort’s website ( ).

“Once the information is in the database,” Gilbert said, “it’s a simple matter for the shop technicians to pull up that customer’s file, grab the correct equipment and make the adjustments. It’s a much faster process.”

Gilbert said that the information will remain in the database, and that customers will only need to change it if their ability level or weight changes significantly.

In other news, Catamount received 10 inches of snow from Tuesday’s storm.