Couple Engaged at Wildcat Mountain This Weekend

By AlpineZone News |
Dec 12 2004 - 08:01 PM

PINKHAM NOTCH, NH ??” It was a surprise to Darlene d??™Entremont when her honey Bob Lopes became sentimental and surprisingly affectionate. All she wanted was to get another in one more run off the Bobcat chair, and enjoy the 5-6 inches of new snow dumped on Wildcat the night before. But Bob was serious, and Darlene could tell from the look in his eye. He then proposed.

“We were right between the Bobcat Lodge and the chairlift, by that little waterfall,” said Darlene. “I was so surprised!”

Bob eyed Darlene at Wildcat Mountain three and a half years ago, and the two became good friends. Both reside in Winthrop, Massachusetts, and are active members of ski clubs located in Bartlett, New Hampshire. Darlene is a Brettl-hupfer and Bob is a Lawrencian – they both love to ski, and both love Wildcat. They were among friends on Saturday during an event sponsored by the Jack Frost Shop of Jackson, NH, and the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League, an organization comprised of 28 separate clubs from the Mount Washington Valley and Franconia Notch areas.

Although Bob is unable to ski because of a rotator cuff injury, he looks forward to being back on the slopes by March, side-by-edge with his now fiance.