Girls Rule Mountain Creek

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 10 2006 - 03:54 PM

VERNON, New Jersey ??” On January 14, February 4 and March 4, 2006 Mountain Creek will call on girls and women from around the region to take part in the anticipated Girls Learn to Ride event. This two hour lesson is designed to give females of all ages the basic skills and confidence necessary to participate in snowboarding within a friendly and relaxed environment.

Each lesson is taught for girls, by girls. Professional female instructors will provide beginner training with an emphasis on equipment safety and skill development. A maximum of seven participants will be assigned per group to ensure individual attention to everyone. The goal of the program is to foster a comfortable atmosphere where girls and women can learn and love a new sport traditionally dominated by boys and men.

The morning and afternoon sessions will be held at 10am and 1pm, and will each allow a maximum of 50 participants. On-site registration will be held two hours before the event in Square One, located at the Vernon base. Registration times run from 8am-9:30am for the morning session and 11am-12:30pm for the afternoon session. Participants should meet in the learning center 10 minutes prior to start time.

A $53 entrance fee is required which includes a two hour lesson, rentals for the day and a lift ticket. For more event information please contact Chrissy Herrmann, at 973-864-8093 or [email][/email].