GoPro Releases New Hero3 Action Cam Lineup; Higher Frame Rates and Included Wi-Fi Connectivity

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 17 2012 - 09:22 AM

Image: GoPro

GoPro this morning announced the release of the successor to the very popular HD Hero2 camera, the Hero3.

The Hero3 comes in three flavors, “White”, at $199, “Silver”, at $299, and the new flagship “Black”, at $399.

All three cameras feature redesigned housings that allow for significantly improved image quality underwater, and all include built-in wi-fi connectivity for viewing with a smartphone with the newly released GoPro app (available for Android and iOS). They are also all smaller and lighter than previous versions of the GoPro.

The Silver version upgrades from the White by including a faster Burst mode (11MP at 10 frames per second; vs. the White’s 5MP / 3FPS burst). The Silver edition also includes the WiFi remote, so you can can control the GoPro camera remotely.

The real news though, is with the high powered Black edition – which boasts an impressive ability to shoot 4K video – a full four times the resolution of 1080p. While the framerate of 4k is limited to 15FPS, this is a feature that is unavailable anywhere else. Additionally, the Black can shoot 12MP pictures at a burst rate of 30FPS, and has enhanced low-light functionality; a feature that has always dogged action cameras from all manufacturers. Another notable improvement on the black is the new ability to get 60FPS in 1080p mode, which means easier capture of footage in full HD that can be slowed down.

For a full product comparison, please visit GoPro’s comparison page.

The official GoPro promotional video:

The action cam market is red hot right now, and GoPro certainly stepped up its game against the newly released Sony and Contour cameras.

The Silver and White ship on October 22nd, the Black is expected to release November 14th, just in time for ski season!