Gunstock Gives Out 1,500 Trees at the Ski Show

By AlpineZone News |
Nov 15 2007 - 01:49 PM

GILFORD, New Hampshire — It’s the Boston Ski Show, the annual pilgrimage to the Bayside expo to find out all that is new at the resorts, and to get excited for the coming season. Gunstock this year tout’s its 70th anniversary and has put another 1 million dollars into the mountain again this off season. Additionally, in order to help offset all of its customers carbon footprint, Gunstock is giving out 1,500 Norway Spruces to get their customers involved.

“We are constantly concentrating on the quality of our snow surface”, says Greg Goddard, GM. This year we have installed new snowmaking in our Gunshy and Tubing area, with new fan guns that will get the mountain covered quickly. Additionally, we have increased snowmaking capacity at the sum by almost 40%. This will allow us to get more water to the mountain and open more top to bottom skiing earlier than ever.” Gunstock has invested over 8 million dollars into the mountain in the past 6 years. To round out the snow quality additions Gunstock is adding a new Cat to its fleet this year.

Gunstock also announced a new partnership with Boston Culinary Group this summer and will see over $450,000 in food service improvements when the ski area opens on December 7th. “We want the guest to have a great experience, inside and out” says Bill Quigley, Director of Marketing and Sales. “We are looking forward to some great new energy in our foodservie partnership with Boston Culinary. Some of what the guests can expect are flat screen TVs in the Powder Keg Bar and Grill, a new Cobble Mountain Food Court, and expanded offerings at the Stockade and Panorama Pub. Plans are still be in formulated for the Cantina, but expect another great place to relax and reminisce about the day”

With global climate change being the hot topic, Gunstock has chosen to get its guests involved by giving out 1,500 trees. Every driver in America produces 25 pounds of CO2 per gallon of gas consumed. Each tree will absorb 5 pounds of CO2 per day.

“Those trees will absorb almost 3 million pounds of carbon dioxide in a year. Everyone that comes to our areas arrives by car or bus, it is a great start to help absorb those emissions in your own backyard”, says Bill Quigley, Director of Marketing and Sales.

Each Tree will also:

  • Provide the cooling equivalent of 10 room size air conditioners
  • Reduce fossil fuels used for heating and cooling
  • Collect pollutants from the air
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Produce homes for birds and small animals
  • Enrich surrounding soil
  • Prevent soil erosion.

“We also are continuing to produce a rack card instead of a full brochure, saving over 4 million pages of print. The web has everything a customer needs and is much more dynamic. On Gunstock’s web site you can book a room, check conditions, pricing and events” adds Quigley.

With Gunstock celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, there are parties and events all year long. From Magic Mountain New Years Eve, Music on the Mountain, Disney Days and one of New England’s largest junior racing programs there is something for everyone.

Gunstock, located in Gilford New Hampshire, is one of the state’s largest recreation areas and celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The first ski area in New England to have a chairlift, Gunstock boasts 1400 feet of vertical, over 220 acres of skiing, and 300 campsites during the summer, spectacular views of the Lake Winnipesaukee at every turn. It is also the host of major events such as the HillClimb during Laconia Bike week, The Laconia Nationals, RibFest, CraftFest, Soulfest, TimberMan Triathlon and Oktoberfest.