Gunstock Transforms to Morbid Mountain this Halloween

By AlpineZone News |
Aug 28 2008 - 01:19 PM

GILFORD, New Hampshire — On September 26th Gunstock will be transformed for Halloween into Morbid Mountain. The Halloween Screamfest and Haunted Hayride will be open every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 10:30 pm through October. Morbid Mountain will be sure to scare young and old alike and will feature three haunts during the inaugural season. The 3D Carnival of Corpses will in the Stockade Lodge. Legend has it Johnny had the perfect place to take his date, but upon arrival, no one was there, the floor was moving, how do you get out??В¦??В¦??В¦ don’t. The Hospital of Horrors will be an outside maze over 2500 square feet in size. Stumbled upon by two lost hikers, during a freak thunderstorm, they knocked on the door and a voice behind it said??В¦??В¦.we’ve been waiting for you!. Don’t forget to pay your bill??В¦??В¦.Nightmare Knoll tells a story of campers sitting around a campfire. There is something moving in the woods??В¦??В¦??В¦you’ve heard the stories??В¦??В¦they may come true??В¦..

Halloween has become the favorite non-gift giving holiday in the United States. “Gunstock wants provide a great place to laugh and have fun during September and October”, says Bill Quigley, Director of Sales and Marketing. Gunstock’s Halloween Screamfest and Haunted Hayride one of the only in central NH and Capitol Region will be the place to get scared this season.

Visit all three haunts for just $15.00, don’t like the lines, skip to the front of the line with the R.I.P. pass for just a bit more. Have a group or want to get your company together, call Gunstock for reservations and special rates. It is a perfect thing for young and old. Be a kid again and celebrate with Gunstock during September and October. For adults make plans for the Halloween Costume Ball on October 25th from 7-midnight. This over 21 event with live music, prizes, food, and cash bar will be a fun way to kick off the Halloween week. Check for details and extended Halloween hours.

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