Hunter Mountain: Environmentalism & Conservation in the Northern Catskills

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 24 2007 - 02:02 PM

HUNTER, New York — In 2004, Hunter Mountain purchased enough wind energy to run the 33,000 square foot Learning Center for the entirety of the 2004-05 ski season. The Learning Center has run on virtually 100% wind power since. In 2006, the resort bought more wind energy: enough to power its detachable quad, in addition to The Learning Center. The resort has uniquely contributed to environmental consciousness and the emerging green movement in many other ways than purchasing wind power, to include:

  • Citrus-based solvents are used instead of ammonia-based cleaning solutions. The Demo, Rental and Repair centers utilize these cleaning supplies, as well as, the hotel, condominium complexes and dining areas throughout the resort. The citrus-based solvents used at the resort have been USDA approved, are 100% natural and are commonly used in schools.
  • Energy-saving measures are taken by using fluorescent lighting for the overwhelming majority of the resort’s lighting. Refillable canisters are used instead of bag-in-box materials for beverages and other liquids. Hunter Mountain’s frying oil, rendered by dining areas resort-wide, is recycled into waste-burning furnaces in the Grooming and Snowmaking shops; the rest is donated to an organization where it is converted to biodiesel fuel and is reused. Post-consumer waste paper products are used in restrooms resort-wide, as are hand-dryers, which minimize paper use.
  • Employees are encouraged to recycle within their departments, such as cardboard, paper, bottles and cans; in many cases, employees transfer these materials from the resort.
  • The Kaatskill Mountain Club has a towel reuse program, encouraging people to reuse their towels during their stays to conserve water and energy in the cleaning process.
  • Hunter Mountain has taken advantage of the Adopt-A-Highway program, taking ownership of a mile-long strip of Rt. 23A. Staff members regularly clean roadsides and provide assistance in the upkeep and beautification of the highway, which includes the entrance to Hunter Mountain.

In an effort to help preserve the natural beauty of the Catskill Mountains, Hunter Mountain will continue in its environmental and green efforts resort-wide.