Injured Soldiers and Marines to Ski Wintergreen

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 01 2005 - 08:51 PM

WINTERGREEN, Virginia ??” On March 5 and 6, as many as twelve US soldiers and marines that were injured during the war in Iraq or Bosnia will be skiing at Wintergreen Resort. Many of the soldiers and marines have lost arms or legs in battle, but they will be able to learn a new recreational skill. Thanks to specialized adaptive equipment and the careful guidance of trained volunteers with the Wintergreen Adaptive Skiing organization, these individuals will be learning to enjoy this winter sport.

In January, seven injured soldiers and marines visited Wintergreen for the first time to learn how to ski. Many of those individuals will be returning along with others who have not been to the resort before.

Wintergreen Adaptive Skiing (WAS) is a nonprofit organization that encourages children and adults with disabilities to discover new abilities through alpine skiing and snowboarding. WAS offers fun, exhilaration and the chance to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends to people of all ages and with every imaginable disability. Michael Zuckerman, Director of the WAS program said “We welcome these U.S. heroes and are glad that we are able to contribute to their recovery.”

The event is organized by Disabled Sports USA. They will be joined by several hundred other skiers and snowboarders celebrating Mardi Gras on the slopes on Saturday. Mardi Gras at Wintergreen is open to the public and a chance to dress in the wildest of costumes while skiing and snowboarding on the slopes.