Joshua Hall Memorial Boardercross Ski & Snowboard Event Results at Pats Peak

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Feb 27 2005 - 09:11 PM

HENNIKER, New Hampshire ??” Pats Peak hosted the Fourth Annual Joshua Hall Memorial Boardercross on Saturday, February 26, 2005.

This all-day event celebrated the life of Joshua Hall, a 24-year old employee of Pats Peak and a local resident killed in a car accident in March 2001. The participation for this Boardercross event was excellent with over 70 participants taking to the course.

A portion of the proceeds from the entry fee, along with the money collected from the Mountain Bike Raffle and T-Shirt Sales are being donated to BADF Life Hunts in honor of Josh, which will allow a critically ill and disabled youth to fulfill their dream hunt. Josh was an avid sportsman enjoying all that the outdoors had to offer.

The Pats Peak Mountain Operations and Snowboard Crew created an awesome Boardercross course on East Wind and Lower East Wind. There were two divisions ??“ Skier and Snowboarder. The fastest skier and snowboarder each won a grand prize of $500 cash. The second place winner in the ski division won a pair of skis from Rossignol and the second place winner in the snowboard division won a snowboard from Rossignol. The third place winners in each division each won a Boeri Helmet from the Pats Peak Retail Shop. In the final race the top snowboarder and top skier competed for King of the Hill. This year the King of the Hill race was unique as the top skier wasn’t able to compete as he injured his knee at the finish line of his winning run. The second place skier volunteered to take his spot in the final race. The King of the Hill honors went to the skier but it was a close race.

S & W Sports donated a Mountain Bike, which was raffled off with all the proceeds of the raffle going directly to BADF Life Hunts. The Bike Raffle was won by father and son duo, Rick and Ry Amidon. They graciously offered to give the bike back as a donation to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The bike auctioned off for $500, which is also being donated directly to the Life Hunt program.

After the awards and raffle, participants and spectators enjoyed a chicken barbecue by Pats Peak’s Chef Guy and his staff. It was a great event enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to all participants and we look forward to seeing all of you again next year.

Results – Josh Hall Memorial Boardercross

King of the Hill:
Tim Witman

First Place: Jake Stephan
Second Place: Tim Witman
Third Place: Kyle Meyerrose

First Place: Adam Johnson
Second Place: Abe Machek
Third Place: Dave Kenney

More about BADF Life Hunts

BADF Life Hunts was founded in 1998 to grant hunting wishes for critically ill and disabled youth age 21 and under. Mainstream wish-granting organizations began refusing such requests, leaving a void for the kids who wanted to fulfill a dream hunt. It is incomprehensible that a child can have a tremendous passion for hunting, have a life-threatening condition, and be told that even though all the other children like them can have any wish granted, that theirs was unreachable. It became BADF Life Hunts mission to provide the resources to meet these very special requests.

For a very sick child, actually going on the hunt and being successful is not always the only benefit. What seems to be invaluable is the anticipation of the hunt. Many of these children go through so much trauma with cancer treatments, surgeries and pain, that having something positive to look forward to has a tremendous impact in their lives.

Life Hunts facilitates hope, and in some cases has played a role in the recovery of these special hunters from their diseases. Many hunt recipients make it through treatments and therapy to get back into living a normal life again. This is Life Hunts ultimate goal and prayer — that every child will be healed and filled with hope and confidence in fellow man.

Although Life Hunts specialize in providing hunts for white-tailed deer, they will work to provide hunts for other species as well. For further information on BADF Life Hunts, call (205) 366-8415 or email [email][/email].