Killington Resort Proves Its Dedication to Freestyle Terrain

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 08 2006 - 10:47 AM

KILLINGTON, Vermont ??” For the 2005-06 winter season, Killington Resort proves its dedication to freestyle terrain with early-season features on Reason, medium terrain features on Ramshead and large signature terrain on Bear Mountain.

Killington Resort’s easiest park, Easy Street, is a great place for beginners to learn how to ride rails before moving to more challenging features. Easy Street is located at Ramshead and features include a small ride on rails and boxes and mellow jumps and rollers.

Timberline is also on Ramshead and is a more advanced park and a step up from Easy Street. Timberline offers challenging terrain without the steepness and scale of the larger signature parks at Bear. Timberline offers many different approaches, lines and options and is great for skiers and riders that are not looking for the difficulty found at Bear Mountain. Features include medium sized table tops, step ups and step downs, medium gap to rails, hips and a mid-season mini-pipe.

Killington Resort is proud to add a large, advanced, high-end street style rail oriented park this year on Upper Wildfire at Bear Mountain. For skiers and riders that have progressed from Timberline and are looking to ride the most advanced technical rails, Upper Wildfire is it. Features include, flat to down to flat down rail, 40-foot single bar and large c-box.

Serving as the flagship park for Killington Resort, Lower Wildfire at Bear Mountain is a most advanced park featuring a mixture of technical rails and jumps geared towards slopestyle. This park is not intended for anyone other than most advanced skiers and riders looking to go big. Features include large table tops, large step downs and large hips.

Dreammaker is a most advanced park, intended for boardercross athletes. Later in the season the park will gain additional terrain features becoming the only more advanced medium sized park at Bear Mountain. Features include berms, rolls, rails and jumps

Killington Resort’s most prominent addition to Bear Mountain last year was a Superpipe. With 18-foot walls an 18-degree pitch and a length of 430-feet, the Bear Mountain Superpipe is one of the few true superpipes in the country that is equipped with a rope-tow and can be seen from the lodge deck at the base of the mountain. The Superpipe also is positioned so that it receives equal amount of sunlight during the day, which decreases the sun wall shade wall problem.

Killington remains a strong competitor during early season by offering early season terrain parks on Reason. As the first terrain park to open in the Northeast, Reason is a great place to begin the freestyle season before other areas become available. During the late season Killington offers a late season terrain park with hits and rails on Skyelark.

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