Killington Resort to Offset 100% of Power Usage through Renewable Energy Credits

By AlpineZone News |
Apr 08 2008 - 12:09 PM

KILLINGTON, Vermont — Killington Resort, the largest ski and snowboard resort in the Northeast, continues to expand upon its on-going environmental initiatives by announcing today it will offset 100 percent of its electric use through renewable energy sources beginning in June 2008.

Killington Resort will purchase 26,199,909 kWh of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) annually, which will eliminate more than 17,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere – an amount equivalent to emissions produced by the annual electricity consumption of approximately 2,079 average homes. Combined with Killington’s ongoing environmental initiatives, including Freeaire installation on the resort’s walk-in coolers, Compact Florescent Bulb (CFLs) replacement, and expanded use of Low Energy snow guns, the purchase of RECs marks the Resort’s continued commitment to becoming an industry leader in environmental stewardship.

“Killington always had an ongoing environmental program, including waste water conservation, snowmaking efficiency and support of regional transportation,” said Chris Nyberg, Killington’s president and general manager. “However, since the resort was purchased by Powdr Corp and SP Land last year, we have been able to initiate many new programs that acknowledge climate change and our belief that we can become a more sustainable business. Our recent initiatives, including resort-wide co-mingled recycling, Freeaire technology, and now purchasing of Renewable Energy Credits will further reduce our overall carbon footprint.”

All told, Killington’s parent company Powdr Corp has committed to purchasing a total of 49,306,224 kWh of Renewable Energy Credits at all seven of its resorts for the coming year.

“The annual energy consumption of a ski resort is substantial, and we have a responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our resorts to help preserve their pristine settings for generations to come,” said Brent Giles, director of environmental affairs for Killington’s parent company, Powdr Corp. “While this switch to renewable energy will be invisible to the guest, skiers and riders can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of Killington’s electricity is now coming from 100 percent renewable sources.”

Powdr Corp will work with Boulder, Colorado-based Renewable Choice Energy as its renewable energy provider. Renewable Choice is an award-winning renewable energy and carbon offset provider of Green-e certified sources such as wind, biomass and small hydro. The EPA estimates that Powdr Corp’s purchase will avoid over 85 million pounds of C02 emissions annually, which is equal to removing 8,539 passenger vehicles from the road or powering 6,175 average American homes for a year. Killington’s commitment of RECs is the largest of any resort in the East.

Last summer, Killington Resort invested $50,000 into retrofitting six of the resort’s walk-in coolers with a Freeaire Refrigeration System, which taps into the greatest source of refrigeration ever created: winter. The Freeaire system uses cold outside air and new high efficiency evaporator fan motors to chill walk-in coolers. Since the installation and through April 1, 2008 the Freeaire program has saved 55,200 kWh of electricity and eliminated more than 3.7 tons of CO2 emissions.

Killington also initiated a resort-wide co-mingled recycling program this season, which is forecasted to eliminate 113 tons of solid waste annually. In addition, more than 600 CFLs have been installed around the Resort.

In addition, Killington improved snowmaking operations and lowered its overall carbon footprint for the 2007-08 season with a 10-percent increase in its Low Energy snow gun arsenal. Additional electric outlets were also installed on-mountain for increased use of energy-efficient fan guns throughout base and high-traffic areas. The increased use of Low Energy snow guns has reduced Killington’s diesel consumption by more than 30 percent and electricity by 25 percent over the past three years.

“We’re taking measures in our everyday business practices to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Nyberg. “All of these projects align with our mission statement which is to exceed customer expectations, be innovative, profitable and environmentally responsible.”

About Killington Resort

The largest ski and snowboard resort in eastern North America, Killington features diverse terrain, an expansive lift network, the most extensive snowmaking system in the world and numerous off-mountain activities, including apr??s, dining, shopping and lodging options.

About Powdr Corp

Powdr Corp is one of the leading mountain resort owners in the United States. Headquartered in Park City, Utah, Powdr Corp currently owns and operates seven resorts including Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah, Killington Resort and Pico Mountain in Killington, Vermont, Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, Boreal Resort and Soda Springs Resort, both at Donner Summit, California, and Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Renewable Choice Energy

Boulder, Colo.-based Renewable Choice Energy ( is the award-winning, full-service provider of renewable energy and carbon offsets. Founded in 2001, Renewable Choice’s clients include Whole Foods Market, Vail Resorts, hundreds of businesses and organizations, and thousands of individuals across the country. In 2006, Renewable Choice shared the Beacon Prize with Whole Foods Market for their campaign to educate customers about wind power. Renewable Choice is the leading renewable energy supplier to green building projects nationwide.