Magic Challenges Vermont School-age Children

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 03 2011 - 09:13 AM

-New Magic “Challenge Pass” to Support Pursuit of Education & Athletics-

LONDONDERRY, VT: For Vermont elementary and secondary school children, Magic Mountain has created a special, very affordable season pass to encourage our local children to meet the challenges of both a good education and staying physically fit. Since Vermont winters are especially long, it’s important that our own children be given a better opportunity to take advantage of our state’s great ski areas. Because at Magic, we believe peak performance in school is helped by physical fitness and the enjoyment that comes from the pursuit of sport in combination with education.

Magic’s new Vermont School Challenge Pass is available to all Vermont school-age children enrolled in public or private elementary and secondary schools. As long as you stay in school, Magic will get you on its slopes all season long, no restrictions, for only $99 (ages 7-18; those 6 and under always ski free at Magic).

School work can be challenging, but conquering a good challenge comes with its own rewards. At Magic, our challenging terrain also creates its own rewards, and we want more of our local children to be afforded the opportunity to test and enjoy themselves on our slopes or in our glades. Magic is not a large corporate resort with all the “amenity trimmings”, but it is an authentic Vermont ski community with the best natural trails and glades in southern Vermont for children to explore, learn and grow in the sport.

Parents can obtain their child’s Vermont School Challenge Pass online at, calling 824-5645 or by stopping by Magic Mountain in Londonderry. Proof of Vermont school enrollment will be needed.

About Magic Mountain Ski Area

Magic first opened in 1960 and will be celebrating this season its 50th anniversary of peak-to-bottom skiing, which to this day, is still one of the most exciting, challenging and authentic Vermont ski experiences. Different than the corporate resort, Magic has stayed true to the original Vermont ski culture. Magic skiers and riders enjoy a mountain emphasizing natural, challenging ski terrain in an atmosphere of shared camaraderie for the sport both on the slopes and in the lodge after a long, rewarding day. Magic has an authentic vibe because, in reality, it still remains first and foremost a ski area, not a “resort”-and a distinctly Vermont one at that. It’s a community spirit that keeps Magic thriving for those committed ski and riding enthusiasts who want to “carve their own trail” and experience real snow and obstacles that mother-nature puts on the hill. And, it’s why Magic skiers love the mountain so much that they are personally investing in the ski area via The Magic Partnership in order to enhance and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

Please visit us at www.magicmtn.comand “like us” on facebook for updates.