Military and Civilians Running Side by Side at Camelback Mountain Resort

By AlpineZone News |
May 22 2012 - 11:32 AM

TANNERSVILLE, PA – Mud runs and trail obstacle courses are popping up everyone and the Pocono Mountains is not going to be left behind. Actually, the Pocono Mountains is the perfect setting for someone who wants to move from road racing into something a bit more interesting and challenging. The Civiliam Military Combine (CMC) race will take place at Camelback Mountain Resort on Saturday, May 19th. The first wave will begin at 10am; check-in and registration begins at 7am. Online registration is open until May 18th and as of today, there are over 700 registrants coming to test their agility, strength and endurance.

The CMC competition is open to civilians and military and is broken down into three components to test strength, endurance and agility. Race day structure will consist of “The PIT” (lifting element) and a 5 mile mountain race with strategically placed military obstacles. This race structure is what separates the Civilian Military Combine from all other races and competitions. The PIT is designed to be the great equalizer by leveling the playing field between power athletes and endurance runners to determine the best overall conditioned athlete. This race structure has been carefully created, refined and reviewed by the top strength and conditioning coaches from the CrossFit community, United States Armed Forces and USA Triathlon Organization Race Directors.

Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark opens for the season on Saturday, May 26th at 11am. There are 37 rides, slides and attractions for kids and kids at heart. This year, there is the new, 4000′ Zip Flyer that soars from the top of Camelback Mountain beyond the base area. Guests will be flying directly over the waterpark and it will add a true element of Pocono Mountain adventure to the park.