Mont Sutton First in Quebec To Restructure Trail with Edelweis Spider Excavator

By AlpineZone News |
Sep 04 2013 - 12:09 PM
Edelweis Spider Excavator

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Mont SUTTON, with the collaboration of – a landscaping company specialized in the restructuration of any type of territory – redesigned the steepest part of the Stade de Slalom trail. This part of the trail has been widen to improve the training of SUTTON Ski Club’s racers and also to facilitate the slalom turns of every skiers and snowboarders at that specific location.

Beside the spider excavator machine, Mont SUTTON has also benefited from the expertise of the company to minimize the footprint during the work. Let’s remind that nature and preservation of the environment are at the heart of Mont SUTTON’s decisions since its creation in 1960, as explained on

“The spider excavator machine is 50% lighter than a regular excavator machine, which makes it easier to maneuver, and leave fewer tracks on the ground. It is efficient on all types of terrain, especially steep ones. In addition to consuming less energy, this spider excavator can work on slopes up to 70 degrees of inclination”, says the president of, Patrick Edelmann. Other methods are also taken during construction to reduce the footprint, including the installation of sediment barriers and protective plastic covers on the ground to prevent erosion. “As landscaping architects, we are responsible for sediment management in watersheds. It is our responsibility to do these actions to contribute to the environment protection”, adds Mr. Edelmann.
This winter, skiers and snowboarders will have the possibility to enjoy the result of the work done in the Stade de Slalom and the SUTTON Ski Club’s racers will take advantage of it in their training.