Mount Snow Gets $2.5 Million Upgrade in Snowmaking Technology for 2007

By AlpineZone News |
May 24 2007 - 03:30 PM

WEST DOVER, Vermont — Mount Snow announced it will upgrade its snowmaking capabilities for the 2007-08 season by investing approximately $2.5 million in fan gun technology.

Senior management and the ski area’s new owners, Peak Resorts, are working with Snow Machines, Inc. (SMI?’) to plan the most effective use of existing resources with an array of products from SMI’s Polecat product line.

“This is going to have a significant effect on the experience for skiers and snowboarders at our resort,” says Mount Snow General Manager, Kelly Pawlak. “We will be able to open with more terrain earlier in the season and sustain it longer through stretches with marginal temperatures.”

By way of example Pawlak cites the Snowdance trail, a popular trail that current snowmaking capability can only cover from skier’s left to center. After the upgrade, Pawlak says this extremely wide trail could be covered side-to-side with greater base depth, allowing it to open earlier than previous seasons.

Placement of all guns and hydrants are currently undergoing a similar review, according to Pawlak, with snowmaking goals ranging from recovering depths on trails quickly after temperature fluctuations to adding a layer of powder on top of recent snowfall.

“We don’t want snowmakers spending time re-positioning guns and hoses when they could be pumping out snow,” says Pawlak.

Polecat fan guns require 20-25% less compressed air than other technologies, while putting out more snow in marginal temperature conditions. Pawlak says Mount Snow expects to see a substantial savings in energy costs, and adds this investment also aids Mount Snow’s long-term project for drawing water from the Somerset Reservoir.

“Peak Resorts is really being forward-thinking by building the infrastructure for the Somerset Pipeline now,” Pawlak says. “When that project gets completed, we’ll be able to start making snow on all four mountain faces right away.”

Peak Resorts completed the purchase of Mount Snow and Attitash resorts from American Skiing Company on April 5, 2007. The sale agreement, originally announced on February 16, included all properties and assets of Mount Snow and Attitash resorts, for a purchase price of $73.5 million. In addition, Peak Resorts assumed approximately $2 million in debt and other liabilities related to the resorts.

Mount Snow season passes for 2007-08 went on sale on April 7, 2007. The all-new products include the Nor’easter pass, which is valid with no blackout restrictions at any Peak Resort ski area in the northeast: Mount Snow in Vermont, Attitash and Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire, and Jack Frost/Big Boulder in Pennsylvania. Pricing for the Nor’easter pass for ages 6-64 is $749 through June 1, 2007. Passes can then be purchased for $849 through October 8, 2007, after which the price will be $949. State tax is applicable and not included in listed prices.

More details about all Mount Snow season passes are available at or by calling 800-956-SNOW.
Peak Resorts operates 11 ski areas and 2 golf courses in 6 states. Peak Resorts Inc. is committed to building an enhanced resort experience at each of their properties.