Mount Snow’s 34th Jack Jump Results

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 12 2013 - 01:40 PM

Jack Jump at Mount SnowWest Dover, Vt. (March 11, 2013) – A single ski with a homemade seat fastened to it, balance, bravery and a smile – the necessary equipment, skills and attitude, respectively, that all 74 “Jack Jumpers” came to Mount Snow in southern Vermont with on a beautiful spring day for the 34th Annual Jack Jump World Championships, held Sunday, March 10. This unique method for sliding on snow, which is only allowed at the resort on the day of the race, is clearly growing in popularity for both participants and spectators.

For the ninth straight year the top spot in the women’s division belonged to Mount Snow’s Sue Zukatis. The fastest time on the men’s side was Ethan Bond-Watts; both jack jumpers beat out a strong field of competitors to take home a $100 cash prize.

“This event has grown beyond what was a predominantly local field of jack jumpers. We have folks coming from hours away to compete, which is great,” said event organizer, and jack jumper, Gina Sarlo. “We had a bunch of kids racing for the first time and of course veteran jack jumpers like Sue (Zukatis) keep the competition interesting, but it’s really just all about fun.”

The actual origins of Jack Jumping are still a mystery, but it is believed that the earliest jack jumps date back to the mid-to-late 1800’s and since then they have been used primarily for recreational purposes.

Results for local Jack Jump World Championships competitors:

Kids Division –

  • 1st Wyatt Shippee
  • 2nd Anthony Santoro
  • 4th Owen King
  • 8th Max King

Womens –

  • 1st Sue Zukatis
  • 4th Annie Giacomozzi
  • 5th Gina Sarlo
  • 9th Linda Chamberlain

Mens –

  • 3rd Darby Howe
  • 4th Ryan Lavoie
  • 5th Hank Darlington
  • 12th Brad Lackey
  • 17th Ernie Dibble
  • 19th Brendan Ryan
  • 23rd Kerry Bourne
  • 24th Roscoe Shippee
  • 25th Pete Green
  • 28th Jeff Wasielewski
  • 32nd Sam Bourne
  • 40th Dave Poggi