Mount Snow’s Parks Get Bigger, Better (and Smaller Too)

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 11 2006 - 10:51 AM

MOUNT SNOW, Vermont ??” Go big! That’s the trend when it comes to parks and pipes. And not only does Mount Snow offer four terrain parks, a lift-serviced tubing park and the SoBe Gut Superpipe, but park gurus Elia Hamilton and Ken Gaitor are always creating new features to make them even better.

For an upcoming rail jam competition, they’ve built a 48-foot triple kink box (basically, a three-tiered box). But it’s not just for competitors. Following the event the kink box will move to its new home in Inferno, Mount Snow’s park with the biggest features, so amateurs can test their skills on what the pros ride.

But Mount Snow’s parks aren’t just for the big kids. One of Mount Snow’s most popular parks, Grommet, caters to the youngest freestylers. With small-sized features geared towards learning, Grommet is the perfect place for youngsters to hone their skills. During a recent Grommet Jam held in the park, more than 70 kids turned out to show off their talents, and everyone walked away with a prize.

Mount Snow’s other parks ??“ Un Blanco Gulch, with small features, and El Diablo, with medium features ??“ are the perfect stepping stones to Inferno. The SoBe Gut Superpipe, features 18-foot-high walls and 17-foot transitions. It stretches 460 feet in length, and is the site for superpipe competitions such as the Anti-Gravity Grail Feb. 25-26.

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