Mount Washington Observatory and Framed Art Outlet Present The Washburn Posters

By AlpineZone News |
Nov 19 2005 - 08:08 AM

NORTH CONWAY, New Hampshire ??” The Mount Washington Observatory, in conjunction with Salvatore Michael’s Framed Art Superstore, is proud to announce the unveiling of two brand new posters from legendary photographer and explorer Brad Washburn’s collection of 1937 Mount Washington photographs. This collection of photographs, taken from the air, display a variety of images of Mount Washington and the surrounding White Mountains in winter.

The pair of commemorative posters each feature a black and white image of a snow covered Mount Washington taken by Washburn from a single engine, fixed wing aircraft flown by local pilot Wylie Apt in February 1937. One image has Burt’s Ravine in the foreground and the second has the Webster Cliffs in the foreground.

“If you like Ansel Adams, you’ll love Brad Washburn,” commented Michael Kline of Salvatore Michaels. “The phrase ‘living legend’ is over-used, but in the case of Brad Washburn this description is wholly appropriate. From an early age he was an innovator in geography, cartography, mountaineering and photography – these were just his avocations,” Kline said.

Ansel Adams, a long time friend of Washburn’s, had this to say about Washburn’s art: “Brad Washburn is one of the very few people who have combined spectacular experience in the wilderness with equally spectacular achievements in the world of civilization. One never knows what to expect from this roving genius of mind and mountains, but whatever it is, we know it will be excellent and effective.”

Washburn’s life-long affection for mountains had its genesis in a hike he took to the summit of Mount Washington in July, 1921 at age 11, when he discovered that above tree line his asthma symptoms disappeared. Seventeen years later he took his camera up in Apt’s plane and photographed the Presidential Range from 62 exquisite winter perspectives. Brad and Barbara have contributed these images to the Mount Washington Observatory for their permanent preservation and for their use in raising funds to support the Observatory’s work.

The two new posters are available framed or unframed at Salvatore Michaels Framed Art Superstore on Rt. 16 in North Conway and at the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway Village, and are on display in the gallery at the Met coffeehouse in North Conway Village.

The Mount Washington Observatory is a private, non-profit organization which since 1932 has operated the year-round weather station atop Mount Washington. The Observatory maintains an active program of scientific research and educational activities, including the Mount Washington Center museum in North Conway and winter and summer trips to Mount Washington. For more information about the Observatory, contact the Observatory at Box 2310, North Conway NH 03860, 800-706-0432; or visit the Observatory on-line at