Mount Washington Observatory appoints Maureen Kelliher to its Board of Directors

By AlpineZone News |
Jun 29 2006 - 10:04 AM

MOUNT WASHINGTON, New Hampshire ??” The Mount Washington Observatory at its June Annual Meeting elected Maureen Kelliher of Dover, NH, to its Board of Directors.

Maureen Kelliher is no stranger to the Mount Washington Observatory. She is a five-year member and has participated in numerous events. “We are excited to have Maureen join our Board,” said Observatory Executive Director Scot Henley. “She is passionate and dedicated to the work of the Observatory; and her expertise in investment banking will help us grow this work.”

Kelliher is responsible for the investment team of Citizens Bank’s investment department in New Hampshire and has over 27 years of investment industry experience and 18 years in investment portfolio management. Previously, Kelliher was Chief Investment Officer for a state-chartered trust company in NH as well as money desk manager for a regional bank. She occasionally conducts economic seminars and writes investment articles for the Boston Business Journal.

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory is a private, non-profit, membership-supported organization with a mission of weather observation, scientific research and educational outreach. Since 1932, the organization has maintained a fully-staffed weather station atop 6,288-foot Mount Washington, monitoring some of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth. In 1934, Observatory staff recorded a surface wind gust of 231 mph, a world record that stands to this day. The Observatory also operates a research facility in Bartlett, NH, the Mount Washington Museum at the summit and the Weather Discovery Center science and weather museum in North Conway Village, NH. For information, call (800) 706-0432 or visit