New environmentally committed company ‘RIDE FOR EARTH’ launches online

By AlpineZone News |
Jun 16 2011 - 02:14 PM

MUNICH, GERMANY (MMD Newswire) June 15, 2011 – – RIDE FOR EARTH is the new kid on the block for outdoor athletes who want to demonstrate environmental responsibility.

The privately owned company is offering snow-, wake- and skateboarders, as well as surfers, skiers, bikers and the like the opportunity to offset their rides by planting a tree for every board/ride they own. The concept behind the idea is simple. Manufacturing boards required wood and by planting a tree, athletes can actively show their commitment to the environment.

“We want to go beyond the service of planting trees and show young people that being green is fun. Youth and rebellion are great, but they don’t exclude responsibility and care for the environment” says Maxim Popov, co-founder of Ride For Earth(RFE).

The concept already excites top outdoor athletes such as Terje Haakonsen (snowboard legend, Norway) and Philipp Schuster (X-Games best trick skateboarder, Austria). “People will not only get cool stickers set for their board, helmet and car, but they are given the chance to win great prizes on regular basis!”, says Rene Werner, team rider. Philip Kunte, wakeboard team rider, adds: “We want people to be stoked about what they do with us. Seeing our sticker on the board or on the helmet will demonstrate athlete’s commitment and remind people that supporting sustainability by planting a tree for their board, ski or ride is actually a very cool thing.”

“Practice what you preach is our mantra.” says Milen Golchev, co-founder and CEO. By being almost entirely online-based and by carefully planning all of our processes, we are certain to be a green business and make the most of the resources we use.”

Ride For launches online June 15th 2011.

About Ride For Earth:
Ride For Earth helps people plant a tree for every ride they own. Focusing on snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, mountainboarding, sandboarding, other board sports, MTB, BMX, Freestyle MX and more RFE encourages riders to do something good for the environment. By supporting young athletes in following their dreams, RFE shows how being environmentally friendly could be also a lot of fun. RFE believes in transparency and delivers detailed information to its customers about the planting process.


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