Okemo Receives Incentive Checks from Efficiency Vermont

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 11 2014 - 11:38 AM

Efficiency Check at OkemoLUDLOW, Vt. – Efficiency Vermont Account Manager Chuck Clerici recently presented Okemo Mountain Resort with incentive checks totaling more than $93,000 for energy efficient practices.

Okemo was recognized for its commitment to energy savings through the purchase of energy efficient snowmaking guns and upgrades to its pumping stations and snowmaking infrastructure. In November, Okemo launched a mountain-wide initiative to monitor energy usage and curtail energy waste. It quickly became evident that substantial energy savings could be found in lift terminal heaters that were running around the clock. By placing timer controls on the heating units and shutting them down for several hours each day, Okemo was able to see substantial kwh savings and lower kw demand. These savings earned Okemo an incentive of $75,000.

At Okemo’s Jackson Gore Inn, lighting upgrades that included the replacement of 1500 light bulbs with LED downlights along exterior walkways and solid state lighting in common areas like hallways, earned the resort an $18,240 incentive check.

“Okemo has been doing a fantastic job,” said Efficiency Vermont Account manager Chuck Clerici. “Their energy savings engagement is running on all cylinders.”

Efficiency Vermont helps Vermonters reduce energy costs, strengthen the local economy, and protect the environment by making homes and businesses energy efficient. They partner extensively with contractors, suppliers, and retailers of efficient products and services throughout the state. Efficiency Vermont is operated by a private nonprofit organization, the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, under an appointment issued by the Vermont Public Service Board.

“Saving energy is good for Okemo and its operating costs, but it’s also good for the environment,” said Okemo Mountain Resort VP and General Manager Bruce Schmidt. “We are proud of our staff for stepping up and making this initiative a priority.”

For more information about Okemo Mountain Resort, visit okemo.com or call (802) 228-1600.