Pats Peak Patrollers Win Eastern Division Awards

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May 23 2014 - 01:58 PM

pats peakHenniker, NH, – Pats Peak, New Hampshire’s premier snowsports destination, is proud to announce that several members of the Pats Peak Ski Patrol have been recognized by the New Hampshire Region of the National Ski Patrol (NSP) for numerous awards along with a patroller presented with an Eastern Division award. The Ski Patrol Director has been awarded the Emergency Medical Services Lifetime Achievement Award by the NH Police Fire and EMS Foundation.

Pats Peak Patrollers received individual awards from the New Hampshire Region of the National Ski Patrol (NSP) based on their attitude and willingness to go above and beyond in his/her duties as a patroller through leadership, training and service to the skiing and sliding public.

The following Pats Peak Ski Patrollers received these awards from the New Hampshire Region of the National Ski Patrol:

  • Raelyn Viti for NH Region Outstanding First Year Patroller
  • Shawn Kelley for NH Region Outstanding Volunteer Patroller
  • Karyn Cote for NH Region Outstanding Paid Patroller
  • Abi Lent for NH Region Outstanding Young Adult Patroller Award

– Stef Costello was awarded the Purple Merit Star.

The Purple Merit Star is given for saving a human life through emergency care and the use of ski patrol skills. It is awarded to NSP patrollers who individually or are primarily responsible in conjunction with others for saving a human life. This may be accomplished by rendering emergency care to someone who has been stricken by a sudden illness or accident.

-Ben Durak and Karyn Cote were both awarded the Blue Merit Star.
The Blue Merit Star is awarded to NSP patrollers for outstanding service in support roles associated with the Purple Merit Star.

In addition, Karyn Cote was named the 2013-2014 Eastern Division George Wesson, Jr Outstanding Paid Patroller. The late George F. Wesson Jr. was an original member of the National Ski Patrol (NSP), joining in 1938. He also served in the 10th Mountain Division. George was one of five founding members of the NSP Certified Program, and during his NSP career served as Patrol Director at Mount Mansfield, Sugarbush, Thunder Mountain and Killington. At the time of his death, he was among NSP’s oldest and most honored members. The winner of the George Wesson Jr. Outstanding Paid Patroller is forwarded to the National Office as the Eastern Division Outstanding Paid Patroller.

Bob Wright, the Director of the Pats Peak Ski Patrol for over 30 years, has been awarded the Emergency Medical Services Lifetime Achievement Award by the New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation. Chief Bob Wright has been involved with the Washington Fire and Rescue for more than 40 years. Bob became fire Chief in 1987 which he held for 15 years. He is currently an EMT-I, and is studying to become an AEMT. While on the fire department Bob saw the need for a Rescue service in the town. He was one of the original members of the Rescue Squad that was formed in 1981. From the beginning he encouraged both regular training and professional affiliation for both Fire and Rescue. Bob was not only instrumental in setting up Rescue services in Washington, but also encouraged and mentored others to join, including immediate members of his own family. For the last three and a half years Bob has been captain of the Washington Rescue Squad. He continues to be instrumental in maintaining the squad as a professional and well-equipped service. He encourages squad members to participate in regular training. He has been a Firefighter-I instructor, and for many years an instructor for Outdoor Emergency Care for the ski patrol.

About New Hampshire Region of the National Ski Patrol:
The Eastern Division New Hampshire Region of the National Ski Patrol consists of 16 ski patrols and nearly 450 patrollers who are dedicated to serving the public and the outdoor industry by providing Emergency Care.

About Eastern Division the National Ski Patrol:
The Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol is made up of 15 Regions from the Virginia’s to Maine, and is the largest single division in the National Ski Patrol system both in number of regions and in personnel. Almost half of all NSP members are in Eastern Division.

About National Ski Patrol (NSP):
Today, the nonprofit National Ski Patrol still adheres to the creed of “Service and Safety”, established more than 70 years ago. As the industry has evolved, so too has the NSP. The emergence of new snowsports like snowboarding, tubing and snow-skating has introduced new equipment and terrain requiring new safety and rescue techniques and emergency care methods to be developed and taught. In addition, greater access to the backcountry has brought new training and regimens for NSP members as well.

As the leading authority of on-mountain safety, the NSP is dedicated to serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers. The organization is made up of more than 27,000 members serving over 600 patrols, including alpine, nordic and auxiliary patrollers. Their members work on behalf of local ski and snowboard areas to improve the overall experience for outdoor recreationalists.

Interested in becoming a member of the Pats Peak Ski Patrol?
Contact Bob Wright, Pats Peak Patrol: (603) 428-3245, ext 201;;

About New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation:
New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation is dedicated to providing aid to those who aid us in our time of need. New Hampshire law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical service personnel are your neighbors and friends. Yet their chosen duty is to provide their fellow citizens with first responder assistance in often dangerous, difficult or critical situations. While many would choose to run from such situations seeking safety, first responders run toward them to provide public safety services. However, neighbors and friends who have chosen public safety careers often find themselves in need of aid. They often suffer from the same dangers that we each face in our daily lives: injury, illness, family emergencies, death. The New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation’s goal is to provide financial aid and assistance quickly, efficiently and effectively to first responders in need.

More About Pats Peak:
PATS PEAK is located in Henniker, NH, just twenty minutes from Concord, forty minutes from Manchester, and ninety minutes from Boston. The latest information, snow conditions, photos and events are available at or call 1-888-PATS PEAK (1-888-728-7732).