PSIA-AASI Announces Fall Conference

By AlpineZone News |
Jul 12 2012 - 11:51 AM

July 11, 2012 – Lakewood, Colo. – Looking to strengthen even further the certifications and credentials that help make for consistently high-quality snowsports lessons throughout the country, PSIA-AASI is hosting a Fall Conference to focus on its national certification standards. The conference takes place October 25–28, 2012, at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

The primary objective, said PSIA-AASI Professional Development Manager Earl Saline, is to establish a consistent interpretation of the national certification standards across the association. Representatives from each division will participate in training sessions led by PSIA-AASI Team members and other subject-matter experts involved in creating and maintaining the standards. Activities will include onsnow skiing and riding through Level I, II, and III standards along with indoor work and training sessions.

Each category of PSIA-AASI Board-approved national certification standard—Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Adaptive Snowboard, Cross-country, and Telemark (as well as Children’s Specialist and Freestyle Certificate Programs) will be represented by its own group at this event. “This is a great opportunity to come together face-to-face and build a strong foundation of consistency and understanding of the standards across divisions,” said Saline. “This consistency will, in turn, lead to stronger quality assurance in the application of the standards within the divisions as Fall Conference participants share their training with others in their home division.”

In addition to division-appointed participants, the conference will be attended by members of the Education Advisory Council, who will work with specific disciplines.

“The Fall Conference will offer a great environment in which to connect with and establish relationships with discipline leaders from the divisions, increasing the communication and collaboration across PSIAAASI,” said Saline.

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