Skiing Temporarily Halted as Belleayre Mountain Serves as Evac Center

By AlpineZone News |
Apr 05 2005 - 10:56 AM

HIGHMOUNT, New York ??” Red Cross of Kingston was at the ready Saturday night at Belleayre Mountain’s Discovery Lodge with cots and comfort for the nearly 25 area residents misplaced by Saturday’s floods. Superintendent, Tony Lanza made the call to suspend skiing on Sunday for the day due to the state of emergency.

As cots filled up, a true sense of community came through as Belleayre Mountain employees rounded up additional blankets and pillows from residents of nearby Pine Hill. The Red Cross staff proved to be a family affair as staffers Kathryn and Becky Smith, and visiting Aimee Smith, spent the night on the mountain fielding phone calls and tending to stranded residents and emergency personnel.

Boston Culinary Group personnel were on hand to provide coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks and a full breakfast Sunday morning. The DeGroff family of Shandaken endured a long night. Marissa arrived with daughter, Maria and two-month old Levi at 9 PM Saturday and was unaware of her husband’s whereabouts until Sunday morning. Unfortunately, he brought with him a story of daring rescue and news that they had lost everything. The house in which they were living was destroyed.

Belleayre Mountain is proud of the actions of the Red Cross, Belleayre Mountain employees and the local residents that pulled together to assist in this emergency. Skiing and riding have been resumed. Log on to for the latest updates.