Smith Garden State Grudge Match Returns To Mountain Creek March 12

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 05 2005 - 07:57 AM

VERNON, New Jersey ??” The Smith 4-wheel drive limo will again stop at Mountain Creek for the 4th Annual Smith Garden State Grudge Match.

This year the competition will feature the custom 25-foot long Smith Limo Rail and the hottest addition to Mountain Creek’s terrain parks this season…the Apexed Wallride.

The Smith Grudge Match Series takes 16 of the best snowboarders in each region and matches them up in a head-to-head single elimination format. It is by invitation-only, and one of the only contests to feature a “man on man” format. Competitors are picked out of a hat to compete head to head, making it easier for spectators to follow, while also making it a more personal battle between the two riders – hence the name “Grudge Match”.

Come out and see all the regional pros compete on Saturday March 12, 2005 in the Sugar Jib Park in a winner-takes-all rail and wall ride contest with $4000.00 in prize money.

Saturday is also the Z-100 Snowplow Luau with lots of great tropical-themed events including contests with giveaways, a barbeque, music by Z-100’s own Romeo and Spin-Bad, and lots more.