Sugarloaf and Sunday River Begin Blowing Snow in Maine (Gallery)

By AlpineZone News |
Sep 19 2014 - 02:22 PM

Sugarloaf and Sunday River both lay claim to earliest to blow snow in the Northeast, lighting up snowguns on Tote Road at Sugarloaf and the T2 Trail at Sunday River. This was possible because of temps dropping into the high teens overnight.

While this isn’t yet the start of building a base for the winter, this very early test sure begins the winter stoke buildup.

Sugarloaf’s snow surfaces director Dan Barker said: “Is there a benefit to running our system in mid-September? Maybe a little. But we hate the heat and we’re sick of summer. If it’s cold, we want to be making snow. If you’re a skier, you understand.”

Sugarloaf Snowmaking Footage: 

Sunday River Snowmaking Footage:

Both Sugarloaf and Sunday River have invested heavily this year into new snowmaking equipment – Sugarloaf added over a mile of snowmaking pipe and over 40 new Low Energy guns; while Sunday River has installed over 170 new Low Energey snowguns for the upcoming season.

For comparison, Sunday River didn’t run it’s snowmaking equipment until the 2nd week of October during the 2013/14 ski season. 

Images courtesy of Sugarloaf and Sunday River.