Tenth Mountain Division Troops Help Dedicate New Structure at Cranmore

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 15 2005 - 10:20 PM

NORTH CONWAY, New Hampshire – Under snowy skies, troops and veterans of the Tenth Mountain Division gathered to dedicate Cranmore Mountain Resort’s newest addition to its base area facilities. The Tenth Mountain HQ is a 5,200 sq. ft. Sprung – an engineered stress membrane structure constructed of extruded aluminum arches, integrally connected to an all weather outer architectural membrane. Sprung structures are engineered to withstand high wind and shed snow. Located adjacent to the base area’s Eating House, this new heated facility is home to the resort’s rental shop and seasonal lockers while also providing an additional 120 seats for skiers and riders to relax between runs.

Cranmore’s Sprung is named for the legendary Tenth Mountain Division. During World War II, soldiers belonging to this elite division were trained to fight and survive under the most extreme mountain conditions. Veterans of the Tenth Mountain Division were, in a large part, responsible for the development of skiing into a popular sport and vacation industry. Cranmore’s relationship with the Tenth harkens back to its very inception, as Hannes Schneider, the founder of Cranmore’s original ski school, consulted with the U.S. War Department on how to organize a division of mountain troops for use in World War II.

The Tenth Mountain HQ dedication was part of the Hannes Schneider Meister Cup weekend at Cranmore, a celebration of ski history commemorating the father of modern skiing and the mountain soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division. Cranmore General Manager Ben Wilcox welcomed the group to the dedication and spoke about how proud he is, in his new position, to be a part of the tradition the Meister Cup celebration represents. Sgt. Patrick Muir from Fort Drum, New York, presented Cranmore with the event’s “colors,” an American flag that flew during the Meister Cup Race. “This flag and the Tenth Mountain Division stanchion it will be displayed in will be displayed in the Tenth Mountain HQ for as long as the structure stands,” said Muir.

Herbert Schneider, the son of the honored Skimeister and a Tenth Mountain veteran himself, reflected on the day when he and his father first came to Mount Cranmore from Austria, and skied the South Slope. He offered tribute to the members of the elite Tenth and the men who lost their lives fighting for freedom in Italy 60 years ago and to those fighting in the Middle East today. For more information, call 1-800-SUN N SKI (786-6754) or visit www.cranmore.com.