Toboggan Racers Ready at Camden Snow Bowl

By AlpineZone News |
Dec 14 2004 - 10:13 AM

CAMDEN, ME ??” The first measurable snow fall of the season found many “sliders” scurrying to find their favorite toboggan, the sand paper or the secret containers of wax. The “sliders” are getting ready for the 15th U.S. National Toboggan Championship races at the Camden Snow Bowl.

Work has been underway since September at the toboggan chute, with many of the projects improving visibility, providing space for vendors, and increasing room for spectators. “We need to thank David Dickey and Stuart Young for spear heading this project”, said Tracy Weed. “They??в„ўve put a lot of time, energy, and thought into this event. With all of the areas being addressed we know the race will be faster and more efficient.”

According to Weed many volunteers have helped with the list of projects that Dickey and Young had. Several high school students helped move brush, construct a 4-foot fire ring, and clean up debris around the chute. Bruce Richards, Greg Holt, and the Thomas Brothers of Slab City Sliders contributed many hours of cleaning and fixing the infrastructure of the chute. Ed Socker, Ed Butler and Terry Voisine have straightened out the chute eliminating the minor heaves and slight turns. The Town of Camden Public Works Department provided assistance with the access road, ditches and water run off.

Also contributing to the Nationals are Tom Cox and family. “With the support of the CSD Adult Education Department, Tom has built a toboggan with the adult ed. class that he is teaching. Tom is donating the toboggan to the Snow Bowl to raffle off.” Weed added that the Cox family is also working to redesign a smoother and more time efficient launch ramp for the chute.

“There are many other volunteers that have contributed to the work that has been done at the chute and need to know their time is greatly appreciated”, Weed stated.

Registrations are now being accepted for the 15th U.S. National Toboggan Championship races, which is the major fundraiser for the Camden Snow Bowl, a municipally owned ski area that boasts the only views of the Atlantic Ocean from a Maine ski area.

According to Weed, an employee of the Snow Bowl, vendor space is also available for the February 4th, 5th and 6th weekend event. “We have many areas for businesses or individuals to support, donate or participate in this nationally known event.” Weed notes that he Nationals have been covered by Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life Network, Good Morning America and many other media sources.

For additional information, registrations and views of the changes please go to the toboggan race section of, or contact Tracy Weed at 207-236-3438.