Triple Crown Determines Mad River Glen’s Best

By AlpineZone News |
Dec 21 2005 - 09:29 AM

MAD RIVER GLEN, Vermont ??” The “Ski it if you Can” mantra has long given Mad River Glen the image of a mountain where the most righteous of rippers will find the steepest lines, gnarliest bumps, and sweetest glades in the East. And while Mad River has worked hard over the past few years to remind folks that there’s a plethora of novice and intermediate terrain on the hill as well, that image hasn’t faded in the slightest. Though there has always been a variety of mogul and “extreme” events, there remained the question of who was the best all-around skier. Eight years ago the answer was found as these competitions were forged into the Mad River Glen Triple Crown.

“No single race or competition can truly measure the all-around ability of any skier,” says perennial Triple Crown combatant, Dave Bouchard. “The Mad River Glen Triple Crown provides just that opportunity.”

Three days, three events, and one skier, the Triple Crown combines the results of the Unconventional Terrain Competition, the Vertical Challenge, and the Mogul Challenge in an effort to crown the king and queen of the mountain.

In the Unconventional Terrain Comp, skiers are challenged with the bumps, cliffs, jumps, and the occasional rock or tree stump as they plunge down Lift Line under the eyes of the always vocal Single Chair riders. High scores are awarded for quality turns, good use of terrain, line selection, and creativity.

Next up is the leg-burning Vertical Challenge. The most grueling of the Triple Crown events, it tests how much vertical skiers can rack up in one day of riding the Single Chair. To make matters worse the competitors must ski Chute and Lift Line, a most demanding combination.

The series wraps up with the knee-pounding fun that is the Mogul Challenge. Points are awarded for smoothness, line choice, control, and, of course, air. The winners of the Triple Crown series are crowned in the Basebox Lodge after the Mogul Challenge. If you are looking for a true challenge, some great competition, and amazing prizes why not test your mettle in this unique season-long competition series? For more information about the Triple Crown visit

MRG Triple Crown Schedule

Unconventional Terrain Competition
Saturday, January 28

Vertical Challenge
Friday, February 17

Mogul Challenge
Saturday, March 18

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