Volunteers Make Magic Happen

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 28 2011 - 12:52 PM

-Magic Mountain Ski Area Volunteers Help Prep for the New Season-

October 26, 2011, Londonderry, VT?The final of three autumn ?Volunteer Days? took place this weekend at Magic Mountain to help the ski area get ready for what looks to be a very snowy winter season. Magic?s fast-growing following of dedicated enthusiasts was reflected in the 100-plus strong turnout for the three volunteer days. Volunteers worked on clearing new glades, mowing trails, and putting a fresh coat of paint around the lodge and lifts.

?Magic is deep-down a community-based ski area of winter enthusiasts who are passionate about the enjoyment and fellowship of skiing and riding as a sport,? said Jim Sullivan, Magic Mountain?s president. ?Magic has become a second home for many and it?s demonstrated in their desire to contribute in so many ways to the future of this great ski mountain.?

The Magic community has also been participating in the renewal of the ski area via The Magic Partnership and the purchase of ownership shares. Grassroots contributions also took place this summer for the complete repainting of the mountain?s famous ?no wind holds? Red Chairlift.

Volunteer Day participant, Matt Cote, offered his thoughts on the day, ?The past three years it?s gotten bigger. It?s so good to have people on the hill helping out and feeling like they?re building something to play with during the winter.?

After a long day?s work on a beautiful October day, the Magic volunteers were treated to the mountain?s famous ?apres ski prep? hospitality with a cook out and a couple of cold beverages shared by all. A snap shot of the day?s activity is captured on YouTube. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rvoBsyW2TA

About Magic Mountain Ski Area

Magic first opened in 1960 and will be celebrating this season its 50th anniversary of peak to bottom skiing dating from 1962, which to this day, is still one of the most exciting, challenging and authentic Vermont ski experiences. Different than the corporate resorts, Magic has stayed true to the original Vermont ski culture. Magic skiers enjoy a mountain emphasizing natural, diverse ski terrain in an atmosphere of shared camaraderie for the sport both on the slopes and in the lodge after a long, rewarding day. Magic has an authentic vibe because, in reality, it still remains first and foremost a ski area, not a ?resort??and a distinctly Vermont one at that. It?s a community spirit that keeps Magic thriving for those committed ski and riding enthusiasts who want to ?carve their own trail? and experience real snow and obstacles that mother-nature puts on the hill. And, it?s why Magic skiers love the mountain so much that they are personally investing in the ski area via The Magic Partnership in order to enhance and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

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