Weston Snowboards from Vail Releases Snowboard Lineup

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 20 2013 - 12:01 PM

Debut of Second Line of Handcrafted Snowboards Coincides with Creation of Custom Board for Local Charity

February 13, 2013–Vail, Co–Weston Snowboards, located in the Vail Valley, debuted their newest line of hand-crafted boards at the SIA Snow Show in late January, bringing together the latest in snowboard technology while showcasing locally sourced wood, including beetle-kill pine that might have been otherwise destroyed. The company has also created two snowboards with custom top-sheet graphics specifically for a local charity event, Pink Vail, benefiting the Shaw Regional Cancer Center on March 9, demonstrating a nimble response for a worthy cause.

The rapid success of Weston Snowboards since its 2012 grand opening has garnered local and national attention with their first selection of three boards ranging from powder specific to all-mountain carvers with rocker camber while using Poplar, Maple and beetle-kill Pine. The initial demand allowed quick progress to the debut of the 2013 collection–each new snowboard continuing to enhance on-mountain riding, including a split-board for powder and backcountry and another that features a surfboard gun-nose design, along with three other unique boards. The advantages of being both environmentally observant along with the ability to create a high-performance product has contributed to a fast growing, loyal fan base.

Relating to the inception of the snowboards, Weston’s founder, Barry Clark, explains, “We took a bunch of strands of beetle-kill wood and we milled it to the proper width and thickness, and then we glued strands of poplar wood and beetle-kill pine together and we used them for a core. We added a maple top-sheet that created the perfect scenario because a rocker board often has a lot of chatter, and the maple top-sheet enabled us to avoid that chatter. So we created a light board with a wood top-sheet, really beautiful.”

The company is also quick to offer charitable support, as witnessed by the creation of two custom-designed top-sheets on Weston snowboards specifically made to benefit Pink Vail, an event to raise funds for cancer survivors and their support systems. On March 9, the Shaw Regional Cancer Center will hold the multi-event fundraiser, centered around ski and riding parties and celebrations, as well as a concert and after party. The event will include two new Pink Vail Weston snowboards–one for men, one for women–with the custom top-sheets commemorating efforts pertaining to cancer survival.

“We are very grateful for Weston Snowboard’s contribution to Pink Vail,” said Lindsay Warner, VVMC Communications Manager and member of the Pink Vail team. “Community support from companies like Weston Snowboards will make this event a success.”

Weston’s welcoming showroom at the base of Vail’s Western-most backbowl in historic Minturn features their full line, which is also available online at www.westonsnowboards.com, along with industry partners including Mammut, Helly Hanson, Black Diamond, Ortovox, Atlas Snowshoe Company, Flylow, Smith Optics, and Discrete

Descriptions of the new line provided by Weston are listed below. Images of the snowboards are welcome for reprint publication usage, and readily available by request to kirsten@keylinkinc.net.

Beetle Kill – All Mountain
The Beetle Kill is our flagship creation. It is specifically designed for anything from quick turns on the hill to all-day mountain assaults. Its flat-to-slightly rockered profile and flexy wood core make it a playful ride, with quick response and great pop. It is also one of the first snowboards to be pressed with beetle kill lodgepole pine, making it a sustainable choice for any conscientious rider.
It features a clear base material for a window into the core to view the gorgeous blue shades of the beetle kill pine.

The Pitch – Splitboard
Just when we thought our boards couldn’t deliver any more fun … along came The Pitch. Our signature split is your go-to board when you want to escape the lift lines and the chaos of the resorts and get into the backcountry. Its directional design and rockered tip will get you down steep, heavy terrain and deep powder, while the cambered tail gives you teeth and control when you need it. The wood core makes this one of the lightest split boards out there so you won’t be over exerting yourself earning your turns either.

Lodge Pole – All Mountain / Park
The Lodge Pole comes from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry and it shows when you take it for a ride. Its waved edge technology creates six points of contact with the slope, giving edge control and grip just when you need it most. The mixed camber profile allows it to attack aggressive all-mountain terrain yet be just as comfortable in the park, making this one of the most versatile boards in Weston’s lineup. Quiver killer? This is it!

Big Game – Powder
We designed this board with heavy powder days and heady lines in mind. Not for the faint of heart, the Big Game is for the rider who wants to float and carve the steepest and deepest. Powder stashes, trees, pillow drops – this board can handle anything you throw at it. Its directional stance and rockered tip and tail will help to keep leg burn at bay and prevent nose dives and bogging down on the truly deep days.

Beetle Juicey – Women’s All Mountain
Our women’s board was built for big terrain and aggressive riders, but the poplar wood core flex makes it a soft and smooth ride. Finesse your way through any line, any terrain, any feature. Its camber-rocker-camber profile was designed by Weston’s Loni Verzuh with heavy-hitting women riders in mind – it’s not afraid of the big drops, jumps, or huge lines. Its light wood core makes it nimble, so you are not exhausted by the end of the day. Quit riding men’s boards. Taste the Juicey.

Weston Snowboards, located in the Vail Valley, feature hand-crafted snowboards, using locally-sourced wood combined with the latest in snowboard design technology. Weston is considered a stand-out in the snowboard industry by showcasing the natural beauty of the wood complimented by a clean, retro-reminiscent look, and ensuring the highest snowboard performance on the mountain. Weston’s flagship model, Beetle Kill, is an all-terrain board with full rocker construction and a heart of Poplar and Colorado Beetle Kill Pine. Weston invites you to their welcoming Minturn showroom where the full line is available, the fireplace is always warm and you’ll have a chance to shop a full spectrum of winter gear. For more information, visit www.westonsnowboards.com.