Windham Mountain Hires New Communications Manager

By AlpineZone News |
May 12 2008 - 11:05 AM

WINDHAM, New York — Joan Oldknow has been hired as Windham Mountain’s new communications manager. In many ways, it’s been a homecoming for her.

The Sheridans, Oldknow’s family, were central to the ownership and operation of what was then the private Windham Mountain Club. Her uncles were general manager and chairman, and her father was an investor in the business. She remembers Disney movies and talent shows for kids while parents partied at the disco. “All the families knew each other,” she recalls. “I see people now who have brought their own children back and are looking to recapture the sense of community they enjoyed here when they were kids.”

For the past five years, Oldknow has been involved with many of those families, as a coach in the J7 race program. As she skis around the mountain, she is warmly greeted everywhere by parents, kids and fellow instructors.

More important than her personal background is how Oldknow’s professional experiences and character will translate to her new position. After an education at Bucknell and Fordham, she taught English and operated her own writing business. She is articulate both verbally and in writing. And her good judgment regarding how to express things might come in part from her legal background.

After a childhood spent in large part on the slopes of Windham, Oldknow went on to live in Singapore and Australia, adding international flavor to her resume. Recently she moved back to Windham with her husband and three sons. The buildings and some of the faces have changed, but the important parts have stayed the same.

“We love reconnecting with our extended family and giving our sons the same opportunity to love the skiing and snowboarding lifestyle that we enjoyed in the past,” she says. “It feels great to bring together all my life and educational experiences. I am excited to share the wonderful aspects of Windham Mountain with other outdoor enthusiasts.”

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