10″ October Day at K

Drove up in complete rain up, thought it was going to be a wet one. At Snowshed at 8:15 it was pouring rain, by the time I hit K1 it was snow. Rumor was 5" up top, by the time the gondi started loading at 9:30 it was 10". Lapped the ridge area about a dozen times, soft pillows under the lift and on Upper East Fall, then poached Powerline. Not sure if they were light on patrol or what but I've definitely skied it with less snow. Surprised all they dropped for ropes was Great Northern.

Decided to call it a day and head down Cascade to avoid the stairs. One of the best runs on my life. Complete coverage and never heard the bases scrape. Only had a 150-200' walk out, was so good I went back up instead of calling it an hit Double Dipper. Another top 10 run, just untouched snow. Hell of a day.

A legit 10"

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