12/22 Cannon

What a day! Legs are toast. And the rain is going f'ed everything up!

Mittersil is skiing great. Baron's right now is one hell of a bump run. It may the best in NH!

First run was down Vista to a poach of Kinsman. Plenty of snow! However, it did not ski great. There is a lot low hanging branches on the entry and lots of blow down all the way down until the lower angle section.

Headed to Mitty. Everything over there had plenty of coverage, but I had my "I don't care skis" on.

Skyline has definitely been widened up top. Candyland was skiing awesome. I think I skied Baron's five times or more. That is how good it was. You really can let it rip thru zipper lines now.

I pull a "Cannonball" on the rabbit path into the upper section of the Birches. Legs were taost and barely made it down Paulie's to the truck. Videos later.

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