1/23/14 (tried to go to Loon but they had no power so I went to) Cannon Trip Report

This morning I had the day off so despite the low temperatures I decided to head to Loon figuring the gondola and multiple lodges would be helfpul. When i tried to pull in they had someone waving everyone off. The resort did not have power and was closed for the day. Determined to ski I choose to head up to Cannon rather than down to Waterville. I only recently went to Cannon for the first time, but after one of the thaw cycles, so I wanted to give it another try. Besides I just can't seem to click with Waterville for some reason.

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I lucked out and Cannon was two for one tickets. It was not busy but more people were there than during my last visit a few weeks ago on a Friday. When I arrived at Cannon it was -2 in the lot. When I left at 3 PM it was only 7. It was bright, cold, but nearly windless day. Vista, Tafts, and Upper Hardscrabble were open this time. Vista was the best of those three and I took several runs on it. They are making snow like crazy on the lower half of the mountain and Zoomer was also a lot of fun with great coverage. Overall snow conditions were great and they should be in great shape for the weekend. There was a lot of snow on the trees (not enough at on the ground in the glades yet) so their reported claims of snow over the past few days is true.
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