2012-12-27 Sunday River

Got up this morning and the snow was coming. So too, the wind was a blowing!!!! It always blows at my house, but when we got to the river, it was fairly calm. And just a snowing!!!! Looking real good from the start.

I had three grandsons in tow this time, so there was not going to be a whole lot of looking for the best runs and finding the gems today. But it was gonna be fun, just the same. These boys, 11, 9 and 5 have never been snowboarding. Got them their rental boards and boots and out we went to Sundance, with the surface conveyor belt lift. We walked up twice before they opened it up then used the conveyor belt a few times. The snow was accumulating so much that it was difficult to get enough speed to do anything with it, like even keep the kids moving. After a half dozen runs, I moved them over to the beginner quad.

I took them all up and the youngest fell flat on his face getting off. I helped him the rest of the way. Strapped them all in and we took several runs. The oldest was "awesome, this is great". The middle one had a lot of "this stupid board" while the youngest was "I can do it". I took the oldest up the north Peak quad and took him down a moguled up blue. First day, mind you, but it sure looked like he could handle it. And he did. Didn't fully enjoy it, but back on the greens with his brothers, it was a piece of cake after that run. The last run with all 3 of them, they all had really good runs. The middle one was finally getting it. The youngest, when he fell, would just roll and reposition and get up and going again. The oldest was encouraging his brothers.

I would give anything to get a lesson for myself in deep powder like today, but it was so much more fun getting the youngsters out and having fun!

Conditions report: It looks like they have 70 trails announced on their site. Much of the mountain is open ing up. It's mid season form for these guys. If you want a great skiing trip with most of the mountain available, you'll do well here!

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