2/15/14 Berkshire East

Went to Berkshire today from right around opening to about 2 PM. Groomed trails were very nice, natural trails were good. They had a lot of wind yesterday. I was told that both summit lifts were on wind holds in the afternoon yesterday so in some cases you can't find much powder on the trails or up top although conditions were good. Tomahawk was good but not all much lose snow remained on the trail itself although the surface was easy to carve and not too many rocks.

Glades were decent. East glades still had untracked snow but Blizzard Island had a lot of tracks but still fun. Beast was ok but the main path through the center was showing some wear, but so are the bottom of my skis after the last two days. The new lodge addition is nice. Basically it is a bar upstairs and a restaurant downstairs that you order the food yourself. They did a very nice job, all the furniture on both levels is handmade and they serve alcohol up and downstairs, with table service upstairs. They don't want folks gearing up in their so it is really meant to be a nice place to hangout.

The only downer was the summit lifts. The main Summit Triple broke down fully loaded. They eventually got it slowly moving to get people off. The other triple decided to break down shortly after although they got it running in about 10-15 minutes. It is rare to find lines at Berkshire but with only one lift to the top on a snowy holiday weekend it is going to happen. People were not cranky about it and the wait was not terrible just highly unusual for them. When I left the main Triple was still offline.

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