2/7/14 Bretton Woods

I got a free voucher for BW when I bought my new ski boots in the beginning of the season. I had never been to BW and based on what I have heard it was not high on my list. I can tell from my visit they are very good at serving their core market segments I am just not one of them. There is a difference between a resort with a ski area and a ski resort. That being said their reputation for scenery, grooming, facilities, etc. appears well deserved and I can see skiing there someday with my three young nieces.

I skied from 9-12:30. It was cold in the morning, -2 when I pulled up but it started out sunny with blue skies. By the time I left at noon it was near 20 but cloudy and in some ways it felt colder than the morning. I didn't spend much time on the groomers but I poked around in the glades. They have definitely seen some use since the storm and while coverage was good as you can see the snow is very edgeable but packed down in many places. The area around Stickney was better and there were other glades that were closed but looked to have nice coverage.


I will say that I think the Stickney Cabin is a brilliant idea (I am not being sarcastic). Put a small log cabin that serves alcohol and snacks in an out of the way corner of the mountain with the only convenient access a T bar. It really harkens back to the old days of skiing and several of the people in the cabin talked about riding a T bar for the first time in decades. The place is tiny, just a couple of tables and wood stove but a great vibe to it. For me it was probably the one thing I will remember most about my visit. Overall a decent day and for the price it was worth a side trip over from North Conway on the way back to Boston.
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