3 day trip Cannon, Smuggs, Jay 2/10-2/12

Started Sunday at Cannon. The 18 inches they got covered the place nicely. It was a beautiful bluebird day and no wind. Everything that was open was well covered. Even with the crowds everything stayed soft for the most part. Best runs were front 5 which never skied off. Cannonball Quad was a little backed up running only 3 per chair. Tram backed up over bridge mid morning.

Smuggs Monday the 11th. Started with Madonna and Sterling spinning. I got one trip on Madonna. Second time up they unloaded at midstation and closed it rest of day. Sterling was scratchy and wind blown. Light snow fell but didn't amount to much. I think I hit everything that was open. Lots of bare patches. Only glad I saw open was Highlander which was still pretty powdery/ a few bare patches. Made it down Exhibition which had some rough spots but passable. Rough wind.

Jay Tuesday. POW snowed all day. At least 6 inches through mid day. Everything skied nice. Tram and Flyer were on hold but Flyer opened around noon. Woods were awesome with lots of untracked spots. Best runs were Can AM first thing in morning with sweet deep powder. JFK in afternoon was protected from wind and skied awesome with completely untracked pow. Kitzbuhl and Timbuktu were awesome tree runs although they all ran nice. Truly an awesome day, one of my best ever. After 20 hours of skiing in 3 days, especially after Jay's Pow, My legs are spent. They were on fire by early afternoon at Jay

I have a few pics and a few other details on my blog http://tomcatoutdoors.blogspot.com/2...t-and-new.html

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