3 Day trip MRG, Owl’s Head, Burke 3/8-3/10

I had a few vouchers to use and with winter running out and warm temps and rain looming I headed to Vermont and Quebec.
MRG was in decent shape. Lots of soft bumps and woods were decent to good. Perhaps the unsung feature of the place nobody mentions is the piss trough in the men's room. (haven't seen one of them since I was a kid)
Owls Head was great shape. Only a couple of rough trails. Not many glades but enough to be interesting
Burke was starting to get rough on the non groomers. I only did a handful of glades. Sasquatch was in best shape of glades I ran. Lots of rocks and debris on natural trails. Groomers were in fantastic shape

Full report and numerous pics on my blog. http://tomcatoutdoors.blogspot.com/2...nt-quebec.html

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