3 Days, 3 Mountains (BEast, Snow, Catamount)

Day 1- Berkshire East 3/5/16, Saturday
Time Skied: 8:45-3:30
Weather: Sun, 30 degrees

First time at Berkshire East. More of a "scout it out" day than anything. Exhibition and Competition were the only trails worth doing over. All others were ice with granular. But I do think my first run down Exhibition was my best run of the season (pretty sad, right?). Good mountain. Fast summit lift. I’ll be back when we get a nice southern storm. The bike trails look AMAZING when there’s snow on them!!!

Those legendary BEast crowds were out in full force 10am Saturday!!!

Day 2- Mount Snow 3/6/16, Sunday
Time Skied: 8:45-3:45
Weather: Sun, 30 degrees

Mount Snow had resurfaced Ridge, Cascade, Snowdance, and Canyon. The best trails of the day were Ridge, Cascade, Snowdance, and Canyon. Everything else was mediocre (Milky Way) to awful (Lodge headwall). Lot’s of laps off the Canyon chair. Snowdance skied GREAT in the morning, Canyon skied GREAT in the afternoon. Little Sunday crowd. EVERYONE talking about next year’s Peak Pass. Gonna be a different place next year.

Found some cord on the North Face.

Snowdance. Yum.

Day 3- Catamount 3/7/16, Monday

Time Skied: 9:30-3:45
Weather: 45 degrees, sun and clouds, wind

Best for last, right? Catamount continues to deliver every time I ski it. Soft creamy morning snow. Very carvable. Afternoon was more variable, slush on a hard surface underneath. Catapult was skiing great. Ridge and Sidewinder are awesome trails to "bomb" down. Serious note- no way Catamount survives this week in good shape. Upper Ridge was mostly dirt by the afternoon. Lower Sidewinder is melted out. Connecting trails will make it till Wednesday. Base depths on most over trails are very low. Hope thy pull through though.

Sweet spring snow


Skis are going to the doctor on Wednesday. Edges are shot, bases filthy. Only a sign of three great days of spring skiing.

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