3/30/17 – Sunday River

3/30/17 - Sunday River

-Packed Powder - Machine Groomed

So, I know I gush a lot about The River, but today was just spectacular!

As it's the last midweek days for Jordan & Aurora, I spent most of my morning over there, lapping Rogue Angel & Lolla 7+ times. As always, these wonderfully striped groomers were stars of the day, without a hint of over-softening until I left around 11:30. Laps are why I love Sunday River, and this morning was exceptionally fantastic.

Mt. Wash

As I moved East, Aurora was still very nice nearing noon. I had started my day with the requisite Paradigm, Airglow, Northern Lights/Firestar warmup/travel routes which were all in great condition because I hit them first thing. Vortex was getting a bit windblown as the day wore on, because of the direction of the breeze. I'm being picky, because it was still pretty great.

After waiting all season, I finally took the time to hike to the top of Spruce from the Borealis/Sirius intersection. With the snow softened just enough, the trek was really a cinch (barely long enough for me to finish a song on my ski-mix) and I was pleasantly surprised with how painless it was. Being a big dude, hiking in ski boots has never tempted me much, but I am a changed man after this! I can see myself attempting longer endeavors in future seasons.

Here's a view down the eerily-empty Spruce Triple line...


At the top of Spruce, I decided to take the road less traveled and schuss down Risky Business. There were a few chunky patches, but for the most part, it was great from top to bottom (and what a pleasure it was to ski the bottom half without dodging beginners who usually spill off of lazy river on busier days)

Also, not having skiied Spruce all season, I forgot the world class views that one affords from the top.


I stopped by Barker before Lunch to make sure the getting would still be good in the afternoon and am glad I did. After a couple recent days with the Barker chair down/on hold, and several uncharacteristically messy days on Right Stuff, I finally made peace with what is normally one of my favorite runs on the mountain. The run out and lower punch were softening a bit by 1, but hardly mashed potatoes. Ecstasy-Punch-Rocking Chair was great too.

After lunch (1:30) I chondola'd over and took Upper Punch-Cascades-lower obsession to hit up White Heat. The route down was getting a bit choppy/softer, but nothing unmanageable. The Heat was still in great shape at 2, but my legs were starting to feel the burn.

I opted to end my day lapping Tempest and Little White Cap, as there was plenty of buttery corduroy through 4pm.
My final run on Wildfire was unexpectedly great. Spring conditions will surely take over from here on out, so I'm glad I snagged one last day of wintry surfaces.

Not a record day, but pretty damn solid

I almost forgot one of the best parts of the day - snagging these guys for $99 at American Ski Co. on the way home.
Beautiful bases (better than my current Volkl tigersharks), and in the words of my Great Aunt, "A bargain even if you never use 'em!"


And more snow on the way?? ❄️❤️❄️

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